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Finished chemo!

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Just a quick note to say that I finished my ninth and final chemo cycle yesterday! No delays, no infections, no intolerable side effects (although they weren't pleasant) - and I've still got about half my hair! Thank you to everyone on the site for all your support over the past six months - it's been a lifeline. I am still feeling like a limp rag doll but it's great to know that when I start to feel better this time I won't be knocked down again. I'm having my much hated Hickman line out next week which will really be a day to celebrate.

Wish I could meet you all in Nashville but it's a long way from Yorkshire (UK)!

Onwards and upwards!


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Congratulations Catherine!!

I'm happy for you to have reached such an important milestone....I envy you little...

Take care and have a great week end


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Hi Catherine,

I'm so happy for you, you and I were on the same schedule, I think. My surgery was in February and chemo started in March.

I finished my 9th today and still have two more to go. I had to stop Oxy at round 5 (the neuropathy got my legs) and stayed on the 5FU until today. Dr.is going to put me on a 50% reduction of the Oxy for the last two rounds. The 5FU is a breeze compared to the Oxy. Why was yours shortened to 9, I don't remember.

I'm so looking forward to the end of the treatments. I just hope I can relax and enjoy the end. I will have a CT & colonoscopy in Feb, so after September I'll be on my own. A little scary.

Again, congrats!


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I'm finished my 10th cycle yesterday. How could I shorten my cycles?????

I'm looking for my energy and stamina back!

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Hello Char, thanks for your reply, and well done getting this far. Yes, we do seem to be on similar schedules: I was diagnosed on February 16th, had surgery on Feb 19th and started chemo in mid April. I only had nine cycles as the protocol seems to be changing in the UK and a lot of doctors are now giving 9 or 10 as standard. I hope it has more to do with avoiding possible long term side effects rather than our National Health Service cutting costs, but I'm not sure. My oncologist admitted that nobody really knows the optimum number of cycles. At any rate I'm SO pleased to be through with it all!

Good luck with the last two cycles - you'll be through before you know it!


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You're right Char, being on your own is a little scary. Even 6 mo. seems like a long time to wait to know what is in there.
Each day we have though needs to be a celebration, even for those who are healthy. I wake up in the morning and say a prayer of thanksgiving for another day before I get out of bed. This helps me wake up and look forward to whatever I'm going to do that day. Wish someone would bring me coffee before I get out of bed too. God never said he would answer all of our prayers though, so that is another good reason to get up.
You've been through so much and you will start to feel so much better in a few months.
Good luck Char and all of you who have been going through chemo.
Jo Ann

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Hi Catherine

How cool is that!!? I'm so happy for you. Sounds like you , Char and I are about the same. I had surgery in February but didn't start chemo until April. Have 5 more to go (out of 12). I'm hoping my Doctor will cut it short, too!.

You celebrate now, you hear?


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That's great news Catherine! Don't wait until next week to celebrate---celebrate Today! Hope you feel a little better each day. Take Care!


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GREAT NEWS!!! I have 1 more treatment left and I'm so looking forward to the end. The took me off Oxy because blood count were real low I was hoping that he was going to say you finished 10 so you are done but Dr is keeping me on 5FU. I have to say what a breeze to be on only 5FU. So I'll be joining you in 10 days.. Enjoy the feeling of getting back to normal again.. Take Care Michelle

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I am so happy for you! I finished at the end of July and am having my port out Tuesday. You will be surprised at how much better you feel and how much more energy you have.

Go out and live now!


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did your port sink into your chest and make a big dent? If so when you got the port out, did it look normal again? Thanks TG

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Congratulations and know you will be feeling better soon! God Bless

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Congratulations Catherine. What a hurdle you have overcome. you will be amazed how fast your body starts to rebound. my best advise. Rest when you feel the need. and feel the need often.
may the road rise behind you for many years to come.

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