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need info.

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Recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Biopsy showed 1 core in 12. Gleason of 3+3 stage T1a. Orig. urologist Dr. Reddy in Ca., have been referred to and have appt. with Dr. Fray Marshall in Atl. who I hear is great. All my research leads me to believe RP is the course for me. Any insights helpful.

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Welcome to the club. It sounds like your cancer was detected early, which is the most important thing. I had rp done on July 5th. I have been back to work since thelast week of July. The procedure is not that bad, but I wanted to get out of the hospital asap. 2 nights in the hospital, sore for a week or so, then just building up your strength and stamina. The cathater is more of an annoyance but you semi-get used to it.
I found it important to think- ok I got this cancer, I don`t want it, so lets get rid of it and move on. I hope all goes well for you which ever course of treatment you choose. My prayers are with you.

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Dr. Fray Marshall did my RP in December, 2006. He is great. He has performed over 3,000 RP's and does 4 every week. He heads up the Urology Department at Emory Hospital. Even though he his head of Urology, he specializes in Prostate Cancer. If you Google Dr. Marshall, you will get his history and background. He worked along with Dr. Patrick Walsh (#1 in Prostate Cancer) for 25 years putting the John's Hopkin Prostate Cancer Department together. Emory got Dr. Marshall 5 years ago. He is called the "Doctor's Doctor". CEO's from all other the country come to Dr. Marshall for their RP.
His procedure is not really an RP, he calls it a mini RP. It is less evasive.
My procedure was extremely successful. No incontinence issues or ED issues.
Good Luck.....and keep us posted on your progress.

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Hi all, 56 years old and in good health, just found out I have Gleason 6 and 25% of 1 core. Has anyone had any experience with University of Pennsylvania Dr. Alan Wein? Any info would be appreciated. Also, had anyone had any recent treatment with Dr. Patrick Walsh at Hopkins?

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I was diagnosed Jan 5 '07 with 3+3. Decided on RP. Opted for Dr. Tewari, New York Hospital. Surgery Jan 31. Not one single day incontinent. Cannot say enough about Tewari. He does only robotic RP's using DaVinci and he's done thousands! If you opt for RP don't hesitate, go for the best.

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There is a big difference between traditional open RP and robotic RP. I can't imagine having an open RP. If you can, have it done robotically by someone who has done a lot!

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Just had Robotic Surgery removal of prostate on 08/06 by a Dr.Ackerman in Portland,OR. My gleason was diagnosed as 3+4 in April. Just had my 3rd week checkup and doing fine. Released from hospital next day after surgery. Having some incontinence problems but expect these to get better over the next few months. This is the only method
I would chose...Good Luck

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I have appt with Dr. Marshall--can you tell me more about him? Thank you!!

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