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My Mom got rushed to Hospital

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I had to take my mom to the emergency today due to severe pain in colon, they did a x-ray and found there is an blockage in bowel, depending on the size of the cancer in her colon they are either going to put a stenth(i think that is what it is called or do surgery and put a bowel bag on the outside, she is stage 4 colon cancer with lots of mets to liver and they think there may be some on the lungs, I'm scared... I dont know what to do or what to expect.. she was suppose to start a new chemo folfox and avastin but now there is a delay, her liver is very enlarged and tender. Is there anything she can do for all this? I'm sooo scared and I pray alot.

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Sorry for what you are going through. It sounds like you had a rough day. I can't offer much advise for you. I just want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers.


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thank you Faith for your prayers, my mom just got the stenth(i think that is what it is called ) put in tonight, she felt nausea, did anyone every have that put in for bowel blockage due to no surgery on the colon?

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How old is your Mom? I am also Stage IV with many, many liver mets and 'am wondering why she has not had surgery for the colon tumor yet. That is the first thing they did for me, then the port insertion for chemo. I have had 15 rounds of Avastin, 5-fu, Oxaliplatin and have been off it for about 2 months now due to low blood counts. I have been stable since Dec. (no growth of liver mets) and will find out Wed. what is going on now. I am 63...I can't imagine the no surgery thing unless her health is otherwise compromised. I will pray for you all.

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Hi Wanda -

I know this has been mentioned before, but I am with "Apache" - I still cannot understand why your Mom has not had colon surgery. That is normally the first step. Have you considered a second opinion. Sure, lung and liver mets are bad (I had liver mets), but the first step is normally getting rid of the stuff in the colon. That makes you feel much better and then you can go on to fight the rest (and that fight can be successful.)

If I were you I would talk to an oncologist / colorectal surgeon about doing a colectomy on your Mom to remove the primary tumor.

Wishing you the best,

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Wanda, My husband was like your Mom. He never had colon surgery. To them, the liver mets were the primary target. It took 2 years before the colon polyps became invasive in his bowels. He had stints placed in June and a colostomy in July. It gave him great relief and he was finally able to eat and not feel sick due to backing up!!
I will pray for you and your mother. God bless, Brittany

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my mom is finally home from hospital, she still has pain, but her bowel is not blocked now. she said to me that the pain almost feel like a dead feeling???? what is she meaning, she is laying around alot and eating very little, her enlarged liver is very tender and they found mets to her lungs now. I am haveing a hard time watching her in pain, she takes her pain medication but she still seems like there is somthing lingering.. oh help me...help us, she is suppose to start chemo(again) on the 20th of august and avastin for the first time... thanks all I will pray for you all also... haveing a hard time watching her in pain

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