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terminal lymphoma,

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i have been given 2 to 3 months of life left, doctors say there is nothing more they can treat me with,i have had 8 chop, with mabthera""rituximab"" + 2 eshsap treatments, thats 5 days 24/7 chemo and now vicomicin 1 treatment weekly,with steroids, it started off with a tumor in upper bowel, that was size of a grapefruit,it encased whole upper bowel,rare called ="sclerosing mesenteritus" the tumor was infected with the cancer cells,, and as my glands were in the middle of tumor,all my lymph glands were infected also, i had been treated for diabeties for 4 years previouse,,and now they have found out its been the cancer all along,no diabeties, it has now mutated into a very agressive cancer and spread into my collar bone,,shoulder,hip,,and arm, all on left side of my body,,the glands still infected,mainly throat groin, an stomach,,none of the chemos have done anything,to the cancer except make it mutate,it has actually made it worse, they colected my stem cells 3 months ago,but cannot use them untill my body shows some sighns of being effected by the chemo,? weird hun, if there are any other treatments out there that someone else has had,,with a very similar cancer,,please please let me know what it was , and if it even slightly helped,,2 months is not long,,and i will try anything to give me even 3 or 6 more months,,,please send any messages asap,,as i havent got time to sit and wait for them thank you all, aussiedeb,

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I am really sorry to hear about this. I have been trying to do some research on natural cures for cancer go to this web site and try these natural remedies. Just don't give up I don't know if you are religious are not but I truly believe that God has the last say. So I am asking you not to give up go here try this and just pray. www.cancerfightingstrategies.com

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Hi Aussideb:
Please visit the colorectal cancer site and search out Scouty..she is beating the beast with juicing and natural meds..have you tried vitamin c by infusion?
As a very wise person on the colorectal site says..expiry dates are only good for dairy products..so don't fixate on the "schedule" that your Doctor gave you---there are many many people out there that have beaten the "prediction" odds..and I hope you will be one of them..God bless

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I am so sorry to hear about your struggles, but I too believe in miracles. I know of someone who had brain cancer and was given 2 weeks to live, and now has been 11 years later. She was bedridden for a couple years, wheel chair for a year, walker for some time, and now teaches line dancing! She is an amazing woman. Please don't give up hope.

My thoughts are with you.

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Firstly I am so sorry for your news. Have any of the docs spoke to you about a treatment called Zevalin?

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my husband was also told he had diabetes 4/06 he was taking glimepride or ameryl i look them up on line for side effect i think u should to ?????? he never had diabetes. he had varient hairy cell leukemia/lymphoma. plus neuroendocrine tumor on his pancreas and a mass in his stomach. enlarge spleen,lymph node in his lung, he had distal pancreatectomy,splenectomy, and cladribine and rituxan, he in remission for VHLL...but they now found a lesion on his liver.. i hope u r doing well,,

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I was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2008 the doctors told me all sorts of things but Im here today to tell you that Jesus is a miracle worker. There is nothing to hard for him, I mean nothing. Man does not have the last say so. God does. My aunt had cancer so bad that when she went to the restroom the stinch stayed in the air for hours. The doctors wanted to operate, she told them no that she would just take her chance just trusting in God. That was over 30 years ago she still lives because there is power in prayer.

If you dont belive in God then the ICE regimen is another method that is used when initial chemotherapy has failed. Ifosfamide, Carboplatin, Etoposide. Also as someone posted the vitamin c through I V.

I am going to lift you in prayer because I KNOW that God is well able.

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I am so sorry to hear of your prognosis. What can I say? You have been courageous. You have been kind. You have been an inspiration. Whatever may come of your condition, know that you have made a difference and we all owe a debt to you. May God bless you and keep you.

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they havent said anything about doing radiation?? or surgery....?

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The doctors can't use bone marrow to try to see if that will work.I am sure that would be something to ask. Maybe the doctor might even have a drug they can give you as a clinic trail. Things to think about. I have had NHL 2 times now. 1st time we did 8 chop & ritaxin than 5 years later I did CVP & Ritaxin than 6 months later a did ritaxin 1 day a week for a month than 5 months off than do it all over again for 2years. Next pet scan will be in 2 weeks. Please stay strong I know god is watching over you. Ask the drs about bone marrow or the clinical trails. Best wishes! Mary

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