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Follow Up care

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This subject has been discussed before, but I would like to revisit it. What is your follow up care after you have finished chemo?
I am stage 3a. Diagnosised Oct 2005. I have had physical exams and complete blood work quarterly the year following chemo, and every six months until year 5. (CT scans are done at my request.) My oncologist belives that CT scans give too much raditation exposure and should only be done if there is a rise in CEA or something is wrong in the comprehensive metabolic panel. What is your routine follow up care?
Thanks in advance,

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I am now 2 years NED with stage iv and have a CT and bloodwork every 6 mo.
I light up at night, but I feel better knowing what is in there.
Jo Ann

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I'm one year out from chemo. My CEA was a good marker so I only get that checked every 3 months. So far it is 1 and under. When I had my tumor it was 64. I think everyone is different and it depends on your onc. My onc also believes not to do so many CT scans because of the radiation. I have had 2 colonoscopies and my surgeon said it the once next week is clear he would feel comfortable with every three years. I haven't asked my onc yet. Hope this helps and I think the most important is that you are comfortable with what the followup care is.

Lisa F.

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