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I am finally getting to take a vacation and plan on enjoying every moment. I am heading to Myrtle Beach, SC on Saturday, 11 Aug and MAY return on Saturday, 18 Aug.

I will be sticking my feet in the sand and sipping a drink with a nice pretty umbrella.

My next bloodwork is scheduled for 23 Aug and CT Scan sometime in early Sept 07.


  • davidsonxx
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    It sounds absolutely wonderful. Can I go too? :-)) Relax, recharge and don't forget the sunscreen.
  • tkd3g
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    Sounds very very nice, Nudgie.

    Enjoy yourself fully.

    We all deserve the royal treatment after our battles.

  • StacyGleaso
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    Need someone to carry your luggage? I'm totally not above doing it! lol

    Have a great trip! See you in Nashville next month!

  • Faith4Cure
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    Have a great time! You deserve every minute of it!

    Good luck with your bloodwork and CT scan. I'm sure everything will be fine. Thing are looking up!!!!


  • hopefulone
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    Enjoy . You deserve it!

  • crazylady
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    Have a great time! Vacations are wonderful.
  • jams67
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    We've got plenty of sun here in central Texas, but I can't hear the ocean.
    Our CT schedules continues to coincide. Mine is the last Friday of this month and bloodwork Sept. 10.
    Have fun and best of luck on the CT! I'll be thinking about you.
    Jo Ann