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I just returned from seeing my onc. My chemo was once again delayed -- this time for wbc. Last week it was platelets which have really gone up. I am back on nupegean (not sure how to spell it) shots again and will continue on the carbo topo regiment for another cycle or maybe two cycles depending on how my counts stay up. Then I will do another CT scan and then another pet scan to see if the spot on my liver and a slightly enlarged lymph node are really cancer. Then we will discuss whether I will go on the new study or wait for the stage III part of the study which should be starting before too long. The onc is also still talking about putting me off chemo awhile my bone marrow recuperates. It is hard not ever knowing what will happen next -- in fact it is done right frustrating.

Some asked about being able to go on more than one study. This is the second study I have been on and my second go around with chemo. I am at a research institute and many patients here go on multiple studies rather than traditional treatments. I prefer to be on a study as I feel you are monitored more carefully.

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I am sorry that you have a delay again but your body has a better chance of fighting when it is strong. Maybe the delay will give you time to gain some strenght and fight this with a renewed energy! It sounds like you have a good team taking care of you. That is so important to have faith in the ones that are taking care of you. I hope that you don't have to wait too long but that during this waiting period you can enjoy life a little.
Good luck and as always...you all are in my prayers.

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Hi Eleen, I am on carbo and had to wait 5 weeks between treatments, got the shots but still at the end of 5 weeks they were still low but we did the chemo. This time we just went 4 weeks instead of even trying at the 3 week point. I like yourself, am having trouble with bone marrow, my platelets drop down to 40, wbc are barely over 1 and hemoglobin is good at 10. Yesterday I got my aranesp and last week neulasta so I am hoping in a couple more weeks they will be good.

Sometimes I take a break just to give my body a chance to recover, so that is always an option. The other one for you is maybe just plan the treatments a little further apart.

Sending lots of prayers your way. BonnieRose

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I'm sorta going through the same thing, my blood counts and electrolytes got so wacky that they stopped chemo until the end of Sept. Then they will ct scan and repeat the ca-125. They also are looking to see if the new areas seen on my left lung and 2 enlarged lymph nodes,has been there or is it actually growing. It is frustrating.. my ca-125 was finally down to 14, and now 6 weeks later it's already up to 38.8. It is good that your tx is at this kind of center, you probably have access to some very new tx and cutting edge therapy. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you..have a good break, get strong!!!! (((hugz)))..Joanne

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Hi Eleen,
I'm suffering the low blood counts, delayed and reduced dosage chemo, and subsequent rise in ca125 makes me fret.
I am sorry to hear that you are having to wait this long for the next treatment. Because it is a study, they probably can't give you a reduced dosage? What an interesting place you are with the research institute. That alone would give me hope. What will be different in the stage 111 part of the study? Is it still using carbo and topotecan? Sounds like you are in need of some recuperating time. My onc. nurse said that the risk of other infections is very high when wbc counts are low. She also suggested that platelets are needed to heal wounds. I sure wouldn't want to die of bleeding hemorrhoids or a torn hangnail! So, take the break and try not to get too frustrated. Me too, need to take my own advice. Lots of us here are dealing with the low blood counts...so we be thinking good thoughts about this.
Love and peace,

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