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Bladder Problem

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In Dec. '06 I had a short course of pre-op radiation followed by a colon resection for stage 2 rectal ca. It was the same total rads as a full course just given in higher doses over 5 days. In Jan. started FOLFOX chemo. Stopped chemo after 3 treatments due to terrible side effects. I have been doing well but for the last few weeks I have been getting sudden strong urges to urinate. Most of the time they pass quickly but other times I need to find the bathroom quick. I don't have any symptoms of a UTI so I don't know what's going on. Could this be related to my treatment this far out? Any ideas or suggestions?

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I have had similar problems, but had pre-op radiation for 5 and 1/2 weeks. I was diagnosed with an overactive bladder many years ago with the same symptoms that you are describing. I now question if that was caused by the tumor because after my surgery it went away. It is now back, but not all the time. I have been questioning if this could be caused by radiation. Please let me know if you get any answers.

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I had a similar problem. I had a 6 weeks of chemo and radiation. Followed by surgery and more chemo. I noticed the problem after surgery during chemo. I had a strong urge to go to the bathroom and even had a few accidents at night. I eventually went to a urologist who put me on vesicare. That did help, but I did notice I always had worse symptoms on my chemo weeks. I discontinued the vesicare after finishing chemo, did pretty well. I still have some flare ups though. Urologist says it is due to the radiation irritation.


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