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I can´t believe, I´m NED!!

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I´m home from liver resection surgery and it went better than expected. I only have 70% of my liver left (for now) but are otherwise tumour free. I had given up last year when they cancelled my surgery, but through my family´s relentless support and energy, I´m here in Buenos Aires and have been given a second chance. Don´t ever give up! Monica

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I am glad the surgery went well. You have fought so hard you deserve some good news. Here's to second chances! May we all get them.

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Oh Monica! what wonderful news,thank you for sharing,posts like this keep us fighting together.

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Oh Monica! I'm so glad you are doing well. You are a true inspiration. You are right, never give up because you never know what is around the corner. HUGS and happy dancing here!

Lisa F

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That's great news Monica. When you get a chance fill us in on the rest of your treatment that you had in addition to the surgery.
Thanks, Dick

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Wonderful news it's always good to hear NED!

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Lisa Rose
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I am thrilled for you and your family. Go celebrate and enjoy you NED-NESS today, tomorrow and everyday.


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That is great news!!! I am so happy to hear this!

God bless,


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That is great news, Monica!!So glad that you kept on looking for more options and never gave up! Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted and enjoy being with NED!


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GREAT NEWS! Thanks for taking the time to update us, we could all benefit from a happy story!


Stacy, who only has 60% of liver left, and that's not a problem!

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Yeah Monica!
This is great news! Thanks for sharing it with us!
Best wishes,

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Hi Monica,
That's great news! Enjoy NED and celebrate well!

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I'm new and am enjoying all your messages. My dad was diagnosed stage IV with liver mets June 2006. They removed a foot of his colon & 11 lymph nodes-all had cancer. He has extensive "tumor burden" in his liver, a lymph node in his stomach area, & the lining around the organs. First-line treatment was FOLFOX with Avastin, but he got worse on this & had terrible side effects. The cancer progressed "substantially". A year ago he started Erbitux with CPT-11 and has had amazing shrinkage of his tumors! The doctors even used the term "miracle"! For the first time they said surgery may become an option. But, Monday they said his cancer has progressed and took him off that treatment. We had 2 options: Xeloda with panitumimab or a Phase I trial. We took the drug option and so far he has no side effects. That's whats frustrating...he feels great, gained back all the weight he had lost (40 lbs!) and all of his counts are normal except his CEA just went from 3 to 20. They keep telling us that resection, etc is not an option. He is 63 and is otherwise healthy. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any advice? He's being treated at the Mayo in Minnesota so I know he's being well cared for, but would anyone advise a second opinion? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

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YGG!!!!!!!!! You go girl!!!

Persistence is why you are where you are today. That baby of yours sure has a great role model.

Celebrate and thanks for letting us know!!!! I am so very happy for you.

Lisa P.

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Monica -

What wonderful news and a great example regarding the value of second opinions. So happy for you.


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What great news, Monica! We're all celebrating with you! Judy

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Monica, mucho Congrats to you. I would love to learn more about the other treatments you have done down there. Heal well.

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Monica.. I am so thrilled for you. Your such an inspiration . We keep pursuing options. Your post today just reminds me that we can never give up! God Bless. Diane

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Great news! Ask your doctor how long it will take the liver to regenerate after losing 70% of it.
Jo Ann

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PERFECTO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we know where to go for a second opinion !
God bless

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Hi Monica,
That is awsome! Yea, I was a bit late reading your post...
I am so happy for you. I was just re-reading an e-mail you sent me back in 2006. Finally, your struggle has paid off and you can join me with NED. I am happy to share!

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