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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

Boston support

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My name is Paul. I am an anal cancer survivor (4 yrs). My partner, Peter, is also an anal cancer survivor. We are available to any gay men in the Boston area for support with cancer treatments and recovery. Especially anal-rectal cancer. I will check here periodically to see if there is anyone interested in support. Experience is a great teacher. I think we have a lot to offer, if you are open to support.

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Hi Paul. thanks for posting. I agree that supports is really important in this cancer journey. My name is Mark and I am have been living with colon cancer (stage IV) since 2004. I also am avaliable to speak with any of you who just want to vent, need advise or want to offer any suggestions.

I have done quite alot of natrual methods along with traditional treatments. I spent 3 weeks in Mexico doing alternative treatments and I am a big believer in diet.

the colorectal board is also very active and I check posting on that almost daily.

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I don't know if this is inappropriate to ask, but I'll ask it anyway. I had my rectum removed with a resection and am wondering if it's ok to have receptive anal sex. I don't feel comfortable asking my doctors. Has anyone in this group had similar surgery and has since had sex with no issues? My surgery was Sept. 2005 and things seem to be progressing well. Ever since my surgery my ex didn't seem at all interested and he has since left me, but I'd like to know if that type of sex is an option with future men.

I'm also curious if anyone has ever read anything that indicates that participating in anal sex increases one's risk of getting rectal or anal cancer.

Thanks for reading and any input is appreciated!


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Mark, I just got back from colon palooza. a bunch of people from the senicolon groups get together once per year. you should consider it, it is a blast (this was my first). anyhow, I will ask that question of my oncologist tomorrow. I will be seeing him afterm my scan.

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This is my 4th time around with anal cancer.It is in my abdomen and liver. Doctor does not know what more to do, but i feel great and am not ready to give up. Any thoughts on treatments and or trials i might try. Thanks RAY

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