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So I guess he's NED!

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Hey everyone,
Finally got the results of my husbands biopsy. It was dead fat tissue! Yeah! So I guess he should be dancing with NED tonight when he gets home from work, I think I will join him. I am still worried about the lungs nodules 4 to be exact but they did not light up on PET scan so for now I will put that in the back of my mind till we figure out what's next. He has to have staples out next Tuesday so I am sure the surgeon will let us know the next step. Thank you all for all your support it is so appreciated.


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Great news about the biopsy! Definitely join your husband in celebrating. You both deserve it.

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Nice to see two such post in a row! Celebrate!

Lisa F.

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That's great news, Sandy. Go out and celebrate!


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Good news is always GREAT!

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That is great news!!!

God bless,


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Hi Sandy,
That's wonderful news! Enjoy your celebration.

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Sorry Sandy, been playing catch up. CONGRATS. you both should celebrate. Successes, great or small are ALWAYS mountains that are moved. wishing you many more NED's

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