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Had Surgery again

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Hey everyone. I had surgery again june 30th feeling alot better now. Was NOT cancer again. But been off work 2 weeks now will be off again for another 2 weeks. Gonna enjoy next 2 weeks off and rest. It will be nice. Im feeling a LOT better now. and Lost 20 lbs in the process hopefully I will keep it off. Docs will be happy then. surgery again scared the crap out of me but everyone thought otherwise my doc was supriosed by my attitude knowing I was scared since my last surgery should have been simple and it actually should of killed me. My one doc wants me to get back to work and normal asap. Then he changed his mind knowing I deserve to enjoy recovery this time after fighting for my life and ability to walk again for 2 years last time. Cant say I disagree. To bad they didnt send me to the beach as required for recovery (that would be to easy huh?)

Anyway I am feeling a lot better now. got a lot of pain from the surgery but at the same time its nothing. I know what worse pain is. my brain is working 2 ways it seems it knows Im in bad paid now but that It could be worse. but I am resting and good pain killers dont hurt anything!

I had my sister take me to the doc today. At least I dont get really car sick when she drives. My mom and dad on the other hand driving me anywhere Id prolly have my head out the window puking. (why is that? I have no clue) my only problem will be money dont get paid real time with my company on disability and it is check in mail and not direct deposit and my bank isnt near me. oh well.

only annoyance so far is the girl above me and her random stomping ont he floor (swear it sounds like she is the queen of hissy fits)

got some nice bruises again not like last time though. it still does look like I got the crap kicked out of me. Had people ask me if I got abused by a bf. HA no if I had they would of seen cops right away cause I dont put up with that. Its fun though allows me to tell strangers some complete lie that is so obsurd but they still believe it. I know its cruel or derranged or something but its something to do to get some laughs.

anyway all is ok with me now it seems. Hope all is well with each of you.


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DIVA!!! Hey there girl!!!
Hated to hear you had to have surgery AGAIN...but sounds like you are on top of things. I admire your spirit.
Take great care of yourself dear and ENJOY your time off.
We miss you in chat....hope to see you again soon.

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Hi Kristin,
Long time no hear from eh? I don't even know if you remember me, but I posted a long time ago when you were trying to get people into the chat room. Anyway, how are you doing now since it has been a few weeks? Well, I hope.
Are you back to work yet? I know what you mean about telling stories to strangers. I used to love to do that, especially on airplanes. I'd tell them I was from Hawaii or some b.s. like that and I was a pro-surfer, etc. It's kinda fun, besides, they'll never see you again anyway. lol..
Well, take care

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Hey thanks for replying. I was off work for 5 weeks. Saw I put june 30th on my posting but it was july 30th this was my 1st week back to work and it was horrible. My job we have shcedueled breaks and well not really legal what they do fully to us but no one wants to fight it everyone just keeps leaving. I dont even eat anything other then oat meal now when Im there because if I get to my stomach then have to go to the bathroom I get in trouble. Thats BS and well I am not a fan of my supervisor I need a new JOB! Feel free to email me on here anytime!

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