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Lisa Rose
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Dear Friends,

Well as you can see from Kerry's post our CSN sister Debrella will be called home to the good Lord in the next few days. Memorable Moments is a collection of pictures of many of my CSN brothers and sisters. Towards the end of the video you will see two pictures of Debra with Kerry, Kay, Jana and jerseysue that were taken in Austin January 07. Debra is the petite blond wearing a yellow top with a ivory sweater.

Memorable Moments is done to the song Now & Forever by Carol King

Our thoughts & prayers are now with Debrella and her family.

God Bless

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Nice work Lisa (Andrew).



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Lisa Rose,

How priceless those memories are. Thank you (and Andrew)so much for creating this video. We are a wonderful family here - when times are tough we pull together.


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Talk about pulling on some heartstrings!!!! That was wonderful and I look forward to Nashville next month so we can continue to make memories and enjoy our time together.

Lisa P.

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Thank you, Lisa, for always capturing the moments that make lasting memories for all of us. Give Andrew a special hug and remind him how special he is.



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Thank you Lisa. Thanks also to Andrew for producing the wonderfull images for us all to share.
Hugs from oz, Ross n Jen

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Lisa Rose
Posts: 597
Joined: Mar 2003

Hi Everyone,

I am so happy to be able to share some of my pictures from the past four palooza's with you all . . . As bad as it was getting cancer I have to say meeting my fellow semi-colon family in person as been the most wonderful positive experience.

Next month I look forward to attending Palooza 5 in Nashville and creating new memories to add to my " Bank Account of Memories "

Palooza is a wonderful " Celebration Of Life " and so much more. . .

Thank you Stacy for taking on CP-5


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