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Hello, and welcome to our forum. I started a thread here, so that you would be able to spot it easier and read your responses.

You sound so bewildered, concerned and frustrated, what most of us in this position feel from time to time. But I believe you will get a lot of help, suggestions and support here, especially important since it sounds as though you haven't gotten much of it already.

Is your doctor a gynecologic/oncologist? Most often that is especially helpful. Do you have any family support? Friends may come and go, and find it easier to step aside during situations they fear or dont understand, but usually we can count on family to be there for us. Check out any support groups in your area (what state do you live in?). Your doctor may be able to help you on that. Since you have a computer, you can also do a 'google' search for 'ovarian cancer support groups in (your state)'.

What stage is your disease? PET scans are helpful, so it's a good thing they are going to have you get one. Have they talked about treatment of any kind? Have you had any treatment already?

It doesn't help that you have this burden regarding concerns about losing your job and insurance. Can you speak to your supervisor one-on-one and try to see if he/she will work with you on lost time, etc.? Explain to them how critical it is to have health insurance (people get sick, that's what insurance is for).

Are you married? Have children? Try to get copies of all of your reports. It's good for your information, and you will have them handy if you need to follow-up with another doctor.

Many cancers can exhibit themselves elsewhere, such as the lungs, but it doesn't necessarily mean it IS cancer. Have you had a CA125 blood test routinely or recently? Are they keeping a check on that.

I'm sorry to hear you are going through this. But maybe some of my suggestions will help. I'm sure others will answer you as well. In the meantime, try to just take one day at a time. Don't reserach the disease too much right now, until you know your specific situation. Although being informed is a good thing, overdoing it can get very overwhelming for some people.

I will pray for answers, health and strength for you. We all love to send hugs to everyone here, so I will be sending some your way. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.


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Monika, you are on the ball, good catch. :-)

Cubbyboy, welcome and so sorry you are dealing with so much at one time.

My understanding is peritoneal ovarian cancer is a bit different. Glay you are you seeing a Gyngologic Oncologist.

Sorry you are feeling so alone, you will find great support here.

Hugs N Prayers Bonnie

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Hello CubbyBoy, I agree with everything that Mopar and Bonnie have said. Keep telephoning anyone you can think of about your insurance, even local television and radio stations. In some states, insurance companies have to take you even with cancer, but then there is the cost to have to worry about if you lose your job. I'm sure there is people of this forum that know more than I do about how to get help with the insurance, etc. Please be assured that all of the women on this board are your friends. We're all anxious to hear more back from you. Take good care, with love and hugs, MM

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Hi cubbyboy and welcome!!! I also agree with Mopar and Bonnie. My company did the same thing to me, and of course I lost my insurance as well. I applied for SSI, with your DX you should be approved in 2 months time, medicaid medical coverage goes along with SSI, and they pay 100%. SSI isn't alot of money, so while your receiving it go for total disability (SSDI) and you'll get much more money, although still will have medicaid for medical it could change to a different type of medicaid. I don't want to confuse you, and it's easy to get confused.just start with the SSI and go from there....I think it's terrible how you are being treated, and wish I could give you a hug, so you'll have to settle for a cyberhug instead (((((hugz))))...Joanne

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May I suggest that you get the pet scan asap if it has been authorized, as the medicaid and other insurance systems may be very slow to approve. It should mark cancer activity anywhere in the body.

It's heartbreaking to hear what you are going through and I hope things ease up a bit soon. Hospice has a wellness (support) group in my town..perhaps there is something like that where you live. Check the hospitals too, they often have social workers who are well connected. As far as friends go, you will make new ones, I promise, and this diagnosis need not be a lonely curse. Keep reaching out for help through this time. Am. Cancer Society is on the phone and Very supportive. Think good thoughts...all of us here will be doing just that...many prayers and cyberhugs and good wishes for strength!


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