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Mets to liver Questions ?

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Hello everyone how are you all, I hope your doing good :)
I know I don't post much but I do come by often and read the post
I would like to know how you came to know you had liver mets those who do.
and also what is the treament for liver mets.
It's been almost a year since my husband had surgery for stage 3 colon cancer with some lymph node involment.
His Oncologist say's his liver blood work was a little high so we are going for a Ultrasound in a few weeks.

Thank you for any info
Lady~* HUGS!

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Carl found out about his liver mets from his CT when they originally diagnosed him after his colonoscopy. He had surgery to remove a golf ball size section of his liver (when they removed part of his colon) and then of course did chemo as well. I know that there are specialized protocols that can put chemo directly into the liver but I don't have any experience with them.
Here's hoping the his liver is fine and it was just an "off" test!
Heather and Carl

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Usually when the blood is checked there are 3 or 4 liver enzymes included. Ask your oncologist if they all were high and how high ( a little above normal, twice normal, etc.). Obviously if all are quite high then the chances of liver mets are higher. However, many things can raise the liver enzymes a little. You might also want to ask why an ultrasound rather than a CT. I believe the CT shows the inside of the liver better and is more sensitive for small mets. We will pray that there are none. Hope he is feeling well.


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I've had 2 recurrences in the liver. Both were found with a cT scan. I had a liver resection first and a year later had a recurrence. I then underwent a chemoembolization, RFA, chemoembolization. Prior to the first Chemoembolization, the radiologist did an ultrasound. Hopefully it won't be anything.


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Hello Lady,

My husband was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer with MEt to his Liver on 1/5/06. A colonoscopy showed the mass in his colon. We were sent to a oncologist and after a CT and Pet Scan the liver metasses showed up. He had a liver resection 7/13/06 and is NED today. We wish you and you family the best of luck. Hugs


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My husband had liver mets 10/04-stage IV...had colon resection and liver resection and liver ablation in 12/04......husband has had reoccurence but not in his liver. Any info about the liver and liver procedures is explained very well on this website: www.upmclivercancercenter.com.
Good luck!

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Hi LLLADY...I also was dx with colon cancer last Oct. stage III. I was operated on and got the beast out of me and then did chemo for about 5 months or so. Onc took me off chemo because my CEA level went up. Next was a colonoscopy with no evidence of anything bad. The next thing I had to do was a pet/catscan which showed something was not quite right. Then my liver enzyms doubled what they should have been so on to an ultra sound I went. The cat scan showed 4mm lesion, but the ultra sound didn"t show anything. I will be taking another blood test in Sept. I don't know why the liver enzyms go up and down just like the CEA levels. Hopefully it is nothing and that you and your husband can relax. This whole cancer thing is waiting and worrying. Big hugs to you

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if u still go on the web site i would like to know how your out come of the lesion

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They found my liver mets on the same CT scan that they found the colon cancer with. They biopsied one of them when they did the colon surgery and it came back positive. The liver tumors have shrunk and remained stable...had 15 treatments of 5Fu, Leuvorican, Oxaliplatin and Avastin. Diagnosed June of '06. After reading the other posts, I agree that a CT scan is a better way to go. Ask the onc about it? Hope the outcome is good.

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My husbands was diagnosed with ct he had at time they found the colon cancer. He had a pet shortly thereafter and then a liver biopsy to confirm. He has multiple mets but they have shrunk considerably on the chemo regimen. We're hoping for some other options. Good luck to your husband and prayers for a good outcome. God Bless, Diane

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