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Need Opinion Please... PC New

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I am 65,psa is normal,one out of 12 biopsy bad.GleASON score 3x3..but from what I hear of options. I dont know what to do..I DONT want to become incontinent..with all the options.....it seems no matter what, it doesnt sound to good to me.
I am leaning towards a look and watch thing.
Please send me your own opinion and how you have been effected. ie surgery, hormorne therapy, removal. PLEASE help me decide.

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I guess my first question is what prompted the biopsy, if your PSA was normal? Second, I would consider having a second biopsy (or at least examination) done, following a short time of waiting.

If the second biopsy should also indicate the same results, I would suggest considering the robotic surgery as the primary option.

I am a 6 1/2 yr survivor of a RP and have been able to resume full presurgical activities. At the time of my surgery, robotics was not an option. However, from what I hear it is a tremendous improvement in technique.

Best of luck and keep us posted on your decision.


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Sounds like you caught the cancer at a very early stage and you should feel encouraged that it is still contained inside the prostate. That is the best scenario possible!!

An experienced Dr. using the new surgical procedure has almost a 100% success rate of
patients who remain continent! All the terrible side effects we heard about from old procedures don't apply anymore.

You would want a surgeon who has done the operation many times and uses the new Da Vinci

Based on what you stated about your diagnoses you have every reason to expect to remain fully continent and live a totally normal life should you opt for the surgery.

I had the RP 2 1/2 yours ago and have no lingering side effects from the surgery. My diagnoses was 1 out of 12 and a 3x3 gleason as the same as you.

On a side note... I thought the biopsy was worse than the surgery.

Best wishes.. If there are any questions I can answer feel free to contact me..

Ron C

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If I had to do it all over again, I would have reviewed a website like this one before having my LRP two years ago. My doctor was one of the best, however, I was left incontinent. Yes , he did nerve-sparing surgery and that part is going well with Cialis. But, as I read about the Robotic Surgery, done by Doctors like Tewari, I believe that maybe I would not be incontinent today. I did my research, by not enough concerning the incontinence factor. Yes, MY CANCER is gone and I am thankful. However, I feel I acted to quick and was not thorough. I was operated on two months after I found out I had cancer. But, I could have waited up to six months to take action. I am glad I see people seeking opinions and advice before making their decision. I wish I was more thorough. Of course, there are no guarantees, I would have remained continent. I'm deliberating with my doctor what to do next. I am too young for an Artificial Sphincter and I don't believe the advance Sling will work. Collagen injections are what I'm looking at now. I encourage everyone who reads this to advise their friends to explore websites like this one before making these lifelong decisions.

Hope my advice helps someone out there. I don't want to see anyone deal with constant leaking.


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At 65 you should use watchful waiting and if things do not get worse as far as psa or gleason score you will be better off. If not, then consider some treatment. I have survived nearly 5 years with psa of 24 and gleason 9 with one shot of Lupron and 40 radiati0on treatments. I am now 56 years old. If you avoid stress and worry less you will live longer and be happier. Jumping into a treatment you really do not yet need is a big mistake. Get checked again in six months or so and stay calm. All the best.

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JRG, I was 60 with a PSA in the normal range (3.2). I had a bioposy cause my PSA rose from 2.2 to 3.2 in a little over a year. I elected to go have an RP from a well known doctor in Atlanta. Within a few weeks both incontience and ED were a non issue. I would also recommend robotic's. Get a good experience doctor and you will not have any problems. I agree the bioposy was worse than the surgery. I always beleved in the saying "when in doubt, take it out". I am glad I did.

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You are the only one who can make the final decision on whether or not to have surgery or any other type of therapy. If you have an excellent health history and find longevity to run through your family, you may want to take some time to look at all the options.

I am 54, had two cores that were positive for cancer, and just had surgery using the robotic Da Vinci system. I wanted the cancer out of my body. I am in my second week after surgery and am now doing the exercises to become urinary continent. It is getting a little better each day. I have to wear pads to catch accidents, but doctor sees no problem with a good progression to continence. It is going a lot better for me than I expected.

I agree with Ron C that said the biopsy was worse than the surgery. If you have had prior surgeries with good experience in terms of recovery, I think the less-invasive Da Vinci laparoscopic method is the way to go. Find a doctor who is competent and can explain the entire procedure and how you might fair personally during and after the surgery.

I had a friend with your symptoms at 55 years old and he chose radioactive seeds for treatment. He is doing very well is satisfied with his results.

The radiation beam therapies sometimes cause rectal incontinence, in addition to the urinary incontinence, which, for me, would be a little harder to handle, but that improves over time as well. The radioactive beam therapies are sometimes preferred for those in your age group.

See if this web site helps you with treatment options: http://www.prostate-cancer.com/

All the best to you in your decision making!


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My husband, 55, recently had the Da Vinci Robotic procedure. His gleason was also 6. He came home with the catheter for a week, and was prepared for incontinence once it was removed, but he has no incontinence at all! He was really surprised but the dr. said that is because of his age and the fact that his prostate was not enlarged. As far as the surgery, he came home the next day and was amazed at how easy the recovery was for him. He says that the biopsy was far worse than the actual surgery. He will have his first PSA next month following his June surgery, but all is well so far, and he is sure that the decision to have the surgery was right for him.

The choice is yours, and you have to be comfortable with it. Good luck to you however you proceed.


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I fully understand your needing info. The same happened to me. Age 70 never sick a day in my life and healthy. My last 6 yrs of PSA were 1.05 to 1.74 but my primary care dr. found a slight bump on the digital exam. Biopsy 1 out of 10 showed a tumor Gleason 3+4. In review with my Dr, My Urology guy, and my daughter (almost a PHD in Nursing) plus reading about Joe Torres (Yankee manager who had the surgery) I opted for the Robotic surgery. Completed on 08/06, home the next day, no complications, cancer gone, some incontinence but this will get better over time. The alternative was not good. I would recomment his method and get rid of the cancer before it can get worse. Good luck. Would be glad to fill you in further is needed.

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DH had robotic surgery at age 52 with NO side effects at all. ANY cancer is too much...I think I would have it removed...

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