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indolent stage 1 non hodgkins lymphoma

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I have been newly diagnosed with stage 1 non hodgkins lymphoma, I believe they said the follicular kind. I am waiting a second opinion in boston, but was wondering if anyone else has been diagnosed with this and what the outcome is. And if being treated, what kind of treatment is it?

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Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I was dx with the same lymphoma as you have a year ago but mine is Stage 1V Grade 1. I underwent treatment and am presently feeling fine. Ssdly, they tell us that this lymphoma always comes back but they hope for as long a remission as possible. There are several treatment options or no treatment at all. If you are stage 1, they may recommend "watch and wait" where they just keep an eye on you.

I hope all goes well with you. Keep us posted


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it seems like they caught it early. I had follicular stage 4 non hodgkins lymphoma. I have been doing pretty good for the last 4 yrs. Been in remission that long. I went thru chemo( chops and rituxan), yes I lost my hair but small price to pay for life. do what your doctors tell you and take care of yourself as in germs people that are sick around you, and please stay in touch. God Bless Charlene

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I was dx in January with stage II grade III agressive follicular lymphoma also in Boston. I was told by my DR that since it was aggressive grade III that it was treatable and curable. I went thru 6 sessions of R-chop and after the third I was cancer free. 3 months later I was still cancer free and will be re-tested again in October. There are new options coming all the time. Hang in there and get as much info as you can and never be afraid to ask any questions.

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Hi my husband has nhl and has 2 treatments left may i ask how your energy level was during all of this he does'nt do much i think he is depressed the doc says he can work but he dont he gets tired and sweaty alot any advice?

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My energy was about 75% during treatment. I got flu like sympthoms about a week after because of the Neulasta shots. I worked all thru it beacause I wanted to maintain as close to possible, a normal life. I am a 59 year old male and I am a Warehouse Manager so my work was more mental than physical. Having a positive attitude and a great faith in God is a must because the fear can overcome you if you let it.

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Hello my name is Dixiegirl and I have indolent stage 1 lymphoma. Mine is sort of a mixture of a couple different possible subtypes because they very closely overlap in symptoms, but they treat me as if I have follicular lymphoma. Mine is MALT with lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma which are both rare.

I went through 6 CVP + Rituxan with rituxan maintenance a few times. After 4th chemo I was clean, that was July 06, I have had a persistent spot of uptake since December 06, and they finally are deciding it's relapse after 3 consecutive pet scans showing the same spot. I am getting ready for radiation (mine is all centered in left groin/hip) M-F for 4 weeks. The rad doc says 95% cure of this spot of course with NO guarantee that it won't come back somewhere else later. I am fine, but stressed. This disease is persistent but very treatable since it's caught so early. Hang in there, I am 43 and chemo took it's toll, but NHL is the right kind of cancer to get (according to my onc).

Take care,

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I was diagnosed in May with stage IV follicular nhl, grades 2&3. I am half way through RCHOP. Treatment kicks my but for about 5-6 days, but then most of the side affects go away and I'm able to work and carry on with daily routines. I too have been told nhl is the kind of cancer to get but as far as I'm concerned, NO cancer is the kind I want.

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