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Chemo taxol/carboplatin chemo

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I have endometrial cancer mets to the lungs.My onc advised to start taxol/carboplatin chemo treatment because hormone treatment did not work.
Only 30% chance of partial cure or regression.
Anyone out there that went through it ?What sideeffects and any results ?
if yes did the cancer came back again after some time?

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Dear Marjamaria,

I'm sorry to read that you have mets to the lungs. My mom was diagnosed in March w/ endometrial cancer, mets to lungs and pelvic bone. Did you have a hysterectomy? They did not want to do a hysterectomy. There was too high of a risk, although, she is otherwise very healthy, 66yrs old. She had 2 rounds of chemo, carbo/taxol, it did help shrink the lung tumors, a little. But it did not help with the pelvic bone pain and the vaginal bleeding. They thought it would help w/ both those issues and shrink the lung tumors a lot more. She had 10 radiation treatments to the pelvic bone and uterus, and that helped w/ the bleeding and the pain. She did have to be hospitalized because her intestines became inflamed, so they stopped radiation after 10 treatments. She has been on megace, (hormonal treatment) since April, and her scans at the end of June did show the lung tumors are disappearing and her pelvic bone seems to be healing. She goes next week for a chest, abdomen and pelvic scan, so we will know then if things are continuing to shrink.

I have read on this site, and other websites that many who have endometrial cancer, w/ mets to the lungs respond quite well to the carbo/taxol combo. My mom's dr said she is treating a patient who had that chemo, and she has been in remission for over 1 year now. Please stay hopeful that it will work for you. If not, there are other chemo options. I'm not sure what they are, but my mom's onc told us there were other chemo combo's should the megace stop working. Also, my mom did quite well during both her chemo treatments. She felt sick and achey from the neulasta shot she had 24 hrs after chemo for the white blood cell count, but otherwise, felt good. She lost her hair about 10 days after the first treatment. That was very difficult for her. Also, she was drinking a combination of essiac and cat's claw tea (we purchased from an herbalist). Her doctor was in favor of this throughout chemo and said it would help her w/ the nausea. We think it did, as she didn't have any nausea. She is also drinking "alkaline" water. She didn't like the taste of regular water after chemo, as it had a metallic taste to her. We read that cancer survives in a non-alkaline environment. We found a brand of alkaline water that is sold in our local supermarket. It's expensive, but she is drinking 4-5 bottles daily and enjoys it. She is trying to change her diet a bit, and not eating as much white flour, red meat, and refined sugar. The nutritionist at her hospital suggested a high protein diet throughout chemo and also lots of green vegetables. My mom struggled with the green vegetables, but did manage to eat them. The nutritionist also suggested 400mg of Vit D and 500mg of fish oil, and a multi vitamin. She also had accupuncture 2x's per week throughout chemo and has been going once a week since the chemo ended. My mom is feeling very good right now. She tires easily, but otherwise, is living as normal of a life as she can. She is such an inspiration, because she is so positive and has much hope. Do you have mets to any other organs? I hope you will find some of this information helpful. And I hope the carbo/taxol chemo will shrink some of your tumors and you can enjoy some type of remission or partial remission. Sending you healing thoughts and prayers.


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Dear Scarlet25
Thanks for responding. yes I had a hysterectomy 20 years ago and at that time there was no cancer. Two years ago they discovered I had a recurrence at the vaginal cuff. I had radiation and 4 chemo treatments and surgery.That was two years ago. They told me I could be optimistic of the results. Indeed I was cancer free for one and half year until they discovered the mets to the lungs and also a recurrence in the pelvic area.They put me on femara which did not work. I just finished a paliative radiation to the lung area ,only ten treatments. I cough much less now.Maybe I can try that Magace first before I embark on the chemo. That scares me .
Thanks again for your input

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I had carboplatin/taxol chemo after ovarian cancer was found during my hysterectomy because of uterine cancer, and I can comment on the effects of the chemo.

My hair did come out-every bit of it on my body! I have to say the worst part of this was that I seemed to get bits of dirt in my eyes every time I went outside. I had chemo in the winter, also, and we have very cold winters here. I made a number of "chemo berets" out of fleece (you can get a free pattern at Nancy's Notions website), and wore them constantly at home. I took the advice of websites I had visited prior to my chemo, and found a good wig that matched my hair before I started it.

All of my energy drained after the first day of chemo, and persisted for two to three days after. That was when I was really appreciative of the dinners that my mother-in-law would send home with my husband!

The chemo has an accumulative effect, so those aspects get worse as it goes on.

I'm now almost a five-year survivor, and am healthy. I wish you the best of luck with your chemo! I went to a meeting with my support group meeting yesterday, and am continually amazed by the bag of tricks the doctors dip into for our members-different doctors, different tricks, and I think it's a good thing to get second opinions when possible.

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What did you decide? I had taxomere & carboplatin, 6 tx over about 5 months. Not easy but do-able. Perhaps better than the alternative, which is more certain . . . would advise not trying to work during that treatment, but perhaps you may have to. But take it very easy, it is taxing. Also recommend Ativan for anti-nausea and good drugs during chemo for anti-nausea. I managed to get by without much nausea whatsoever. Mostly needed to curl up and rest. My food preferences became very clear - did best with plain rice, pasta, steak and chicken, very simple foods.

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Dear new friend,

I have cancer of undetermined origin but they are pretty sure it started with OBGYN something with mets to the lymph nodes because of the biopsy of the lymph nodes in my lower abdomen (retroperitoneal area)so my chemo is Taxol/carboplatin. I just finished my 3rd tx and it's doable. It is a cumulative effect. The day of RX and day after I did OK but the next 4 days were a little tough. It will pass and was given medication for nausea and pain and it helps a great deal! The 3rd TX recovery has been easier than the 1st 2, I think because my onc gave me steroids orally for the few days after TX. Now it should plateau they said.

Then I have about 10-12 days of feeling pretty good. I was diagnosed in Feb 2008 so I can't give you a long term outlook yet. But my tumors are shrinking. Thank the Lord.

I did lose most of my hair but I bought 3 wigs from ebay for less than $30 each including shipping and put quilt batting in my bandanas so they look pretty cute and comfortable. I had my husband shave my head when it started to come out by the handsful because it was falling out all over and I was afraid it would be all over in food and the kithen etc. It's the least of my concerns.

I turned 57 the day after my diagnosis. I have been blessed with happy healthy children (now 34 and 36) and they have given my grandchildren too. My husband is retired and is soooo kind and supportive. I pray you have a support system too. I am writing letters to the important people in my kife. No secrets to reveal just making sure no matter if and when things end I will have said all those loving things I want to make sure they know.

God bless you and you will be in my prayers for comfort and strength thru those sad and scary moments. Remember there are still lots of good times to be had as well.

Love and good thoughts, Sewcute56

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