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ct results

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I just went over my ct scans with my onc. For the first time I got to see all of the pictures not just the radiology report. It was interesting looking at the tumors but also a little scary. All of my tumors (I have one in the dome of my liver and 2 in my chest wall plus and tiny one in my chest (under 0.4 in)). All have remained stable with no growth through the last 2 cycles of chemo (4 infusions). If my platelets are still low on Wed. they are going to discontinue chemo for 3 months and then rescan again to see if the stuff is growing. Has any one out there been on vacation from chemo without being in complete remission. I am a little worried about doing nothing. Would love to hear from anyone is this situation or has been in this situation.


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Dear Eleen, that is a way of life for me. I don't see remission but get chemo breaks when the cancer is stable. If you get one, enjoy the break. Hugs N Prayers Bonnie

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I'm on a chemo vacation right now. I was on Gemzar had 15 tx (5 cycles) and had to stop because of the effects on my body..it almost caused me to have congestive heart failure..I just went to a cardiologist who thinks nothing is wrong with my heart, that it was something like a domino effect with the chemo, it depleting my electrolytes, that caused this, and that ball started rolling which caused fluid built up, which caused the elevated bp (206/104) which lead to the heart failure. During all this a ct scan was done on my lungs which showed maybe some new suspicious areas...so I'm on a chemo vacation till the end of Sept. Then will do a ct scan, and another ca-125. I did a final ca-125 last week and I went from 16 to 38.8 in 4 weeks...so I can certainly understand how scared you must be...but I also know at this point my body is extremely weak, and needs this break..so I concentrate on getting healthy, and consider this a vacation for right now. Good luck with the low platelet counts...praying that all goes well for you,,,((((hugz)))..Joanne

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I also am on Chemo vacation at present. I have a tumour in my lower pelvic area and my Gyn/Onc in May said it was inoperable. I have been constantly on Chemo since June 2006 first Taxotere/ Gemzar, then topatecan followed by the first chemo given to me Paclitaxel/Carbonplatin. By June 2007 I was so run down I was then put on oral tomoxifen. I am gradually recovering but I needed a break desperately. My CA125 is
high but stable. My next options may include old drugs Ifosfamide(which is hard on your kidneys, Cyclophasamide or oral Etoposide The new drug you mentioned patupilone sounds very promising. I am very concerned about my situation but my body needed a rest. I hope all goes well for you. Irene

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I'm new here and been diagnosed with peritoneal ovarian cancer and I had to have surgery to remove my belly button and had a recent CT result my self and it was done on pelvic, abdom,chest and the abdom and pelvic came back nothing showing except for spleen and liver enlarged but chest threw me for a loop it showed two masses in each lung one in each. Do you all know if that is a regular thing with ovarian cancer. I think this type of cancer is not real well known of how to treat it cause my gyn/onclologist is in slow motion with this even though I am still healing from previous surgery not even part of this cancer. I am so confused about this and not really getting alot of answers and had seen pulminary Dr. he wants me to have aPET scan and get this I am on the verg of losing my job and health insurance next month cause I have been through two surgeries first one was hernia and the 2nd as mentioned before. Any other ideasor experinces you may have please write me. I feel all alone. Even friends seem to abandon me. Thank you

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I originally had three tumors in my liver over 2.5 cm in size. Chemo shrunk them to 1 cm and they were killed by radio frequency ablation during my debulking surgery by a oncology surgeon not my gyn/onc. You can google this proceedure and read more if you like. I have not had a CT since my surgery but was told they got all three. We'll see.

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