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Prayers for victims of bridge collapse

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There are so many different kinds of tragedies!
Sending prayers to victims of the bridge collapse and their loved ones!

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Thank you all for your prayers. This is such a devistation to our beautiful city. past all the sensationalism and journalism there are real people that did not get the chance to share with thier loved ones, all that they wanted to share. In a way that is what cancer gives us, the opportunity to appreciate and to live today what we used to plan to do tomorrow. My oncologist is less than a mile from that bridge and my partner does consulting work on the north side of town, just on the other side. Yesterday, he worked from home. really makes you realize what we have today.

Unfortunatly this is something we will be known for, for many many years.

God bless those that have lost thier lives, the ones that will go on without a loved on, and all the volunteers that are still risking thier lives in efforts to recover the lost.

This is a very sad day.
Limey, A proud minnesotan for the past 28 years

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Yesterday was treatment day, and well issues as relayed previously , so I didn't catch the news til today. My heart goes out to all those affected and prayers for their families and friends as I'm sure everyone's does.

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I am an original Minnesotan (my family originates there) and was horrified by the collapse. Our hearts go out to all our Minnesota friends, victims and their families. God Bless!
Heather and Carl

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Yes my prayers are for them.

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I am from the Minneapolis area. Your thoughts and prayers are heartfelt. Thank you.

My heart aches for the the families that are experiencing this tragic event. My prayers are with the rescue workers and individuals involved in the rescue efforts and the challenges they will face.

Life changing experiences. They come in many packages.

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