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Has anyone out there used the chemo drug patupilone.
I am considering going on a study using this drug and understand it is quite new. I have been on carboplatin and topopecan. The carbo is playing havoc with my platelets and blood counts and once again have been delayed due to very low platelet count. I just had a ct scan last night and will get the full results either this afternoon or tomorrow so I am quite anxious at the moment. I will go back to the onc next Wed for more blood tests to see how my counts are doing and then we will decide if I stay on my current regiment or see if I can qualify for the new study.

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Dear Eleen, Best of luck with the Patupilone, I am currently on Carbo and it is a hard drug for me too. Hopefully the ctscan will show the combo you've been on has been hard on the cancer too. Lots of prayers coming your way.


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I don't know anything about this drug, you may go on..I'll be praying that the carbo is hurting the cancer more than it's hurting you!!!!(((hugz)))..Joanne

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Hi Eleen, Always good to hear about something new..I hope you get to trial it. All the best to you.

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I went to a meeting of my support group yesterday, and have a list of about 20 chemo drugs that were mentioned there, and this is a new one. One thing I garnered from the meeting is that, once you've been on a study, you're not going to be eligible for another, in all likelihood. Is there a reason your doctor wouldn't want to try a "tried and true" drug, rather than a study?

One of the women in my group has had 17 different therapies (over 8 1/2 years), and the latest is Thalidomide (this lady is in her 70's, and just celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary!). She has tried a lot of experimental drugs, including Avastin. The Thalidomide is also considered experimental, and is not covered by any insurance. Another finished a study, would like to do another, and has been told she's ineligible because of the previous one.
Whatever your decision is, I do wish you the best of outcomes!

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