Ahhh, Surgery Over

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Hi all,
Just wanted to let you know that my husbands surgery went well. The doc took the two spots out and he said that they looked benign but we would know for sure in a few days. He had his liver ultra sounded and that was all clear too. He did say that his liver looked a little inflamed so he took a biopsy to see if its anything. But other than that he was up and walking and wanting to eat right when he got back to his room. We took 5 laps around the 7th floor and I told him I needed to go home and go to bed, I am tired! Thanks all for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. I'll let you all know the results when we get them.



  • crazylady
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    Hi Sandy,
    That's great news! I can't believe that he was already doing laps!
    Take care,
  • hopefulone
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    Glad it went so well ! Sounds like he's doing terrific. Please keep us posted. God Bless
  • Faith4Cure
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    That all sounds great! Glad to hear that he is feeling so well. My prayers are with you that all of the tests results are good. Hope you can relax! Keep us posted.

  • StacyGleaso
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    NICE JOB!!! So happy your hubby is on the way to recovery!!!

    Take care of yourself, too!!!

  • Kanort
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    Hi Sandy,

    I am so glad things are going so well. We will keep you both in our prayers.

    Try and get some rest.