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Had my last (I hope) radiation treatment to the brain today. Will do a head CT in a month. Radiation onc says the radiation will keep working for a month or 2, so doesn't make sense to get one now.
Saw Onc yesterday. Will be doing camptosar and vectibix. Have done camptosar and erbitux without much success, but he thinks this is worth a try. Any of the protocols with 5 fu or Xeloda would have to wait 1-2 months since they interfere with the radiation treatment.
I'm looking lovely...bald spots, wispy hair in other places, moon face from decadron. What a picture.
Anyway that's where I am for now. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

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WOW..last rad treatment! How cool is that? I'm so glad for you and I'm sure you are beautiful!

Head up high

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I'm sure you look TERRIFIC! I cannot believe you are already through your rads....CONGRATS!! That is a big milestone!!

My deepest wishes for huge success with the rest of your journey towards healthy!!!


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Congratulations Mary. Keep your head up! Best of luck with the chemo.


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What a trooper you made me laugh! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Stay positive...Believe and God bless

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Job well done, Mary!! You are a great inspiration to all. Good luck with the chemo. I'm sending prayers that this one will be the ticket!!!
God bless,

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Hi Mary,
I have to pass on a survivor story. When I was diagnosed in Nov '03, a colleague (age 33) was out on leave for radiation and chemo of mets to the brain from a primary "diffuse and aggressive" lung site. I saw her recently at a seminar; she is now 3 years out, NED, and doing great. Like you, she went through a scary time (and was completely bald) and we can look back with relief.
My prayers are with you; stay strong and focused, Judy

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Hi Mary, Thanks for posting with the update. I was wondering how it was going. I'm so glad to hear the radiation is over. I hope the chemo protocol works and doesn't cause to many ill-effects. Lousy way to spend the summer... but we do what we have to do!!
Peace and blessings... Rob

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You are such an inspiration to this site!!! You face the beast with such determination and fight. I'm sure you are a lovely site to behold...believe me...a believer and a fighter have my total admiration. So many others only complain and want sympathy when others suffer equally....you, on the other hand, always offer support and encouragement to folks on this site. That makes you so special and keeps you in my thoughts and prayers, always. Mary, if anyone deserves many good vibes and wishes, it is you.


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My thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep your chin up. Each day is a day of healing. I am sure you look great. Thanks for the update.


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So happy to hear that you finished your treatments. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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Hi Mary,
Great news that you finished radiation today!
I've come to the conclusion that any chemo combination may work even if it didn't before, making them all worth a try. I hope the new combo puts you into remission!

I'm sure you look beautiful and you have a great sense of humor and a wonderful attitude. You are an inspiration to me.

Take care,

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Mary, congrats on finishing the radiation treatments. Prayers for a clear ct. Keep us posted. God Bless

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