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1+yrs and survivin!!!!!!

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hey all. i am finally learnin how to navigate this site.....only took a few months... so here i sit with some long term side effects from il-2 that can be a bummer. cut the lawn this morning and i was burnin up. had to take a shower to cool down. doc said i could be sensitive to heat and cold, but it was only 72 out. well, i'll have to learn a new way of gettin er done. i have had 3 surgeries to remove 6 lumps on my back and lymph nodes from under left arm. it's startin to look like the big dipper back there!!!!lol.....went through a round of il-2 in june that was stopped as it almost killed me and now have some long term side effects. learnin to deal with them is a challenge. i have an appt. with my oncologist teusday and probably gonna line up another PET scan. so now i am workin on stayin in today and keepin it outta my hands.

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hi tomsteve i am only new to this hole net stuff. They found a melanoma on side of neck 18 mths ago had the surgery and have just been for my ct of whole body and ultrasounds and bone scans Honestly i am s.... scared i have two children 2 and 3 and i am so happy to find someone so positive. hope your appt went as good as they hoped.

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.......and how did your tests go, Omeh?

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