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Kathie's Chemo

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Hi All...this is Rebekah, Kathie's daughter again. I hope one of these days soon she will feel well enough to get on and chat with you guys herself, but for now you are stuck with me! Just wanted to update you that she had her third round of Gemzar/Cisplatin yesterday. We thought he was going to have to switch her to Doxil, but her CA 125 finally came down! We were very relieved to see the chemo finally working. Mom is still very weak and as hard as she tries she still isn't really eating. She's lost quite a bit of weight and we need to turn that around. We are hopeful that if her CA 125 continues to drop that she will start to feel better, get more energy and therefore be able to eat. She has enjoyed having my 3 year old niece around all week and that always seems to cheer her up. She just wanted me to share her bit of good news with you all and let you know she was thinking of you. Best Wishes.

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Hi Rebekah, I can relate to not being able to eat, as I lost 20 lbs earlier this year with pain and chemo and nausea frontstage. The reward is there, tho', increased energy, if you can just try to get her to have something every couple hours. Crackers, bread, graham crackers even, high protein shakes or whey protein added to juice or milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, baked potato and sour cream, avocados, the list goes on. I have started gaining again and responded to eating something every couple hours. Lots of fruit in season now. Sometimes portions can seem overwhelming, so a bit of this and that may be more appealing. Also, I love to eat anything someone else has cooked. Sometimes I don't eat if I have to figure out what to have.

You have given us the best news of all, in that your Mom's ca125 finally lowered. Yay! That will be some good medicine, knowing that the chemo is working. Thank you for posting, and lots of good thoughts and prayers are coming your way today.

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I agree with what Paula2 said. Great news!!! The news that your number has dropped is just the best news! Give her our love, MichaelaMarie

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Please give Kathy my love. Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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I agree too. A little every hour or two or even three is better than nothing. How wonderful that her counts are coming down! Tell her the prayers continue (for Kathie and ALL of you), and that we'll be looking forward to hearing from her soon!

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Hi Rebekah,
Glad to hear your Mom is responding to the chemo, that is great news. I was put on a appetite stimulant at first, and it really helped me to ask the Dr. about it, also I like the idea of small frequent meals, and letting her have what-ever she wants even if it's not the healthiest..some times I craved milkshakes, sometimes a donut,chinese soup..cornflakes and bananas!!!It did help me, and I slowly gained weight and got back my energy. Tell your Mom,I'm thinking and praying for her..(((hugz)))...Joanne

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Greetings Rebekah,
I am new to this cancer world, and would like to tell you what has helped my grandmother and the rest of us while she goes in and out of treatment. There is a milk shake drink called X-milk. it is wonderful. She is maintaining weight, has more energy, less nausa, and has over all more energy. Check out x-milk.org. Hope all is well and you are wnjoying Spring.

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Thanks for the report, Rebekah. I, too, am struggling with a loss of appetite after surgery and starting chemo again. I am eating anything fatty that I can in several small servings a day. A plateful of food is a real turn off for me. Lots of hints for us both in this posting. Prayer and hugs for Kathie687. Glad the counts started in the right direction. Keep in touch with us because we care.

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