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How many of us are over 60 and using the internet. I think there are a lot of retired people who have a lot of computer skills and who just happen to also have colon cancer.
Age 62
Jo Ann

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My dad. 80 years old. Colon cancer at age 65.

I hope I didn't offend anyone with my comments.


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Am 66...Love my puter...colorectal cancer stage three in 2004, nreast cancer in 1996...

I intend to live forever...so far so good!!!!!

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I luv my puter!

Stage III rectal cancer
NED October 2006

age 61 planning to live long and prosper :-)

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My dad is 80 yrs and I can't get him off the computer!! He doesn't have colon cancer, but his daughter does and I promise he does his research. I'm glad he's not on this site, he is a bit chatty!!


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My 71 year old father bought his first computer just three or four years ago, but continually surprises me with how quickly he adapts to some of the new technology. He doesn't have colon cancer right now, but he's had it twice in the past ... although he doesn't participate in any forums or anything. He's become very adept at forwarding emails with jokes of questionable humor.

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Well, all of us that personally reply obviously use the internet! :>)

Still, you have a point. My mother was a very intelligent woman (died in 1/06 at age 83). She never could "get" the concept of computer usage. It frustrated me, but it was pretty hopeless. She actually took a class when she was 81, but found the concept too unintuitive. I never understood what caused her trouble since she was a master at crossword / math puzzles and read widely in a variety of different genres. But she had a huge mental block about the 'puter'.

All that said, I didn't respond to Barb's poll - having been 55 at diagnosis. But, so what! It is pretty clear that colonoscopies should be done at 40, regardless of symptoms (and done earlier if an possible symptoms present.) Heck - if I had had a colonoscopy in my 40's I am almost sure it would have detected a tumor (at an earlier stage).

I think the point of a poll like this is to emphasize how many "young" (or relatively young) people do end up with CRC. The statistics will still truthfully say that most people are diagnosed at age 50 or greater. But, that does NOT mean that folks in their 40's should not be screened - even without symptoms. And certainly doctors should not hesitate to refer someone of any age for a colonoscopy if they have symptoms.

I think that any one doctor sees very few young patients with CRC and so the medical community can easily think that it is "rare" to see colorectal in people under 50. But, "rare" doesn't necessarily translate into small numbers. We need to get the word out that this disease strikes people of any age, even without risk factors.

Take care all,

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Hi Betsy,

It's interesting, the turn the survey took. I didn't intend it to be the 50 and under club, but that's what it looks like.

I was just curious when everyone here was diagnosed. Young, older, stage 1 thru 4.

Seeing the post at the bottom of the page, I guess it's just about finished.

My mom is the same way with the computer. Took classes, but doesn't "get" it. That's ok. She comes over my house for help.

Take care.


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Count me in, 61 and use the "puter" alot, work and home!

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I guess I didn't make my question very clear. I wasn't wondering how many over 60 used the computer, but how many of the CSN group who post or lurk are 60+.
Jo Ann

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Count me in! I'm 64, and I spend entirely too much time on the computer. In fact, my husband is nagging me now to watch the clock, because he doesn't like to be late to church.

If I were starting out now, I'd be an IT person! I love this thing. It's nearly as good as books- always ready for fun or for information (or shopping!).

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You sound like my kind of person.
Jo Ann

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I will join the survey :) I was 62 when diagnosed with Stage IV a year ago. 'happy to say that I am now 63...64, here I come!

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