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Knots in Veins from Hysterectomy

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I had a radical hysterectomy on May 14 for cervical cancer. My left arm has 4 knots in my veins from the IV. At first I thought my veins were irritated from the IV, but its been a while now and I'm getting concerned. Has anyone had this problem too? How long does it take to go away? And should I be concerned about blood clots?

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I had a similar experience from the IV which was located on top of my hand. It did stay sore and lumpy for a while but did go away. I think it's just sort of a bruising.
I'm sure your doctor's nurse should be able to talk to you without having to go in the office. Maybe a warm compress or heating pad will make it feel better.
Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the advise. I will put some heat on it. I called the doctor's office and the nurse had never heard of it before. She is going to mention it to the doctor and call me on Monday.

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