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Hopefully chemo on Friday

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My counts are still a bit low, the biggest concer was the anc is still low too. BUT, my chemo nurse called last night and she thinks because it has been postponed a couple times now, I will get chemo tomorrow. A lower dose, but still its chemo. After this dose it sounds like a ctscan is scheduled. I was hoping we'd do it after 6 doses but now it doesnt' sound like I'll get 6 for sure. I really wanted to get all 6 now and be well by christmas. Sound silly?

Oh well just wanted to let you know I am scheduled for Friday. Hugs N Prayers BonnieRose

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Hi Bonnie. I'll be praying for you that all goes well on Friday. It's not silly to think ahead to Christmas on a 95 degree day in July. It will be here before we know it. Keep strong. We're all praying for you and knowing that He is in control and all will be well. Take care, Polly

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Bonnie, Christmastime wellness is a great goal to have! Hopefully, you'll have your treatment tomorrow and be one step closer to that goal! Stay strong, my friend. I'll be giving you big hugs tomorrow!
Luv ya!

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Thanks Monika and Polly, heard from the U and chemo is a go. I think they may stop at 3 because they said an appointment was being made for me to see the Doc in 3-4 weeks. Normally I see him while in the hospital overnight. I'll know more tomorrow. Also they ordered a pet/ctscan but didn't think my insurance would allow it so may just get a ctscan. I have new insurance this year.

Thanks again, I'll see you all next week. Love Ya Bonnie

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Hi Bonnie,
This is alittle after the fact but I hope your chemo today went well, and your back feeling good soon,thinking and saying prayers for you...Joanne

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"May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and in his grace gave us unfailing courage and a firm hope." 2 Thessalonians 2:16,17 Continued prayer goes up for you, Bonnie. I will be praying for you during my infusion tomorrow, specifically.

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I'm so thrilled to read that you ARE getting the chemo tomorrow!!! Maybe with the lower dose you won't get so sick. And, you will be staying overnight too? Well, write us as soon as you're home and update us! I will be thinking of you tomorrow and here's hoping that all goes great! With much love and hugs, MM

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Hi Bonnie. This is Kathie's daughter Rebekah, mom wanted me to check and see how your chemo went on Friday? She was thinking of you. She had her third round of Gemzar/Cisplatin yesterday so she is very tired today, but other than that she is doing ok.....just curious how you are. Hope it all went well

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Hi Rebekah, How sweet to check on me. I am doing okay, it has been a rough 3 days but now reaching the end of it.

How is your mom doing? Kathy I know your combination is tough, but pray it is tougher on the cancer. Hope all is going well with you also.

prayers N hugs bonnie

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