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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

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My lovely husband won't get a colonoscopy cause he isn't 50 yet!!! @*#$*&@!!!!

please post your age at diagnosis - cancer stage- and a yes or no to family history.

Forgive me if this is like a previous post. Chemo has truly robbed me of my memory.

Please, everyone, this is something we can all print out and bring to our doctors. We have to get rid of the outdated notion that colorectal cancer is an old mans disease!



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49....stage 4...mets to liver....Diagnosed Dec.'05....today NED....as far as I know!...


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My husband was diagnosed with Stage 3B rectal cancer in September '06 at age 44. There is no family history at all. His parents and siblings are all very healthy and have had no cancer of any kind.

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64 at diagnosis, but had I done it at 63, I wouldn't be stage IV now..stupid Dr. said I didn't need one 'cause I had no family history.

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I was 39 at dx and was told tumor was 5-10 years old.

Stage 3 lymph pos.

Only family history was sister dx'ed at 29 (had been misdiagnosed for years) with cancer in her small intestine (mine was in sigmoid).

NO PREVIOUS FAMILY HISTORY before the two of us. both young.

peace, emily who hopes your hubby will get tested


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