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Haven't heard or read anything on SpongeBob lately. Is he security our waters again or just still enjoying his honeymoon (ha, ha)?

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Hey, he was just here....now, nudgie, do you need to get some additional (lol) help reading posts....JUST KIDDING...my dad IS out making our country's waters safer, tho....I'm sooooo proud!!!

(I'll be over the Atlantic tomorrow, although much farther north....wait, can we say "Goed dag"?.....good day in dutch).

Hugs, Kathi

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Dang, nudgie -

I figured you were gonna bust my chops for busting your chops in a recent post... something about being married and being cousins, but in West Virginia... I was certain I;d never hear the end of it from you!

Yep, I've been deployed for the past two months - back home soon. In fact tonight I'm someplace warm and tropical.

You have a great night and it was so nice to hear from you!

Be well...

- SB

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Hello Sweetheart,

FYI - It's warm and tropical here at home...hurry back. You have a family of Kats who love you and miss you.

Your very grateful and proud wife

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