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TPN @ Home

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Hello everyone. My mom is still having lots of problems eating. She is doing her 2nd round of Xeloda. We are meeting w/ her onc on Friday and I think it's time to address her nutrional needs. She had TPN while in the hospital a few months ago. It was great. I want the docs to consider this again and was just wondering has anyone ever had TPN @ home. I've read lots of literature that says it possible I'm just worried about all the monitoring they have to do.

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I did TPN at home when i had chemo induced diarrhea. I hooked it up from 6pm to 6am. I was npo and did the TPN for about 3 weeks untill my bowel healed. I would unhook the TPN, take a shower and then go to work.


I had bloodwork about twice a week.

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