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Sigh, I pick up the caregiver hat again....

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Hi, my sister was diagnosed with stage III anal cancer 4 weeks ago. She calls me most days, and she is having treatment, but her body doesn't like it much...

I started life with cancer by supporting my mom. She is a double cancer survivor, endometrial and breast. I then became the patient in 2004, stage III rectal cancer followed by stage II breast cancer. Both my mom and I are NED (no evidence of disease) at this point.

Now my sister. I was interviewed in CURE magazine this issue and said I would rather be the patient than the caregiver...sigh...I guess I don't have much choice...

Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Kathi.
I am very sorry about your sister.
But she is so lucky to have you and your mom both NED and 'knowing the ropes'. I know caregiving is a struggle...been doing it with my parents for over 11 years...but when God brings us to it He brings us through it.
God bless you and your family.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your family's cancer troubles. You all have been through so much and I can understand how stressful each aspect of the survival process would be. Bless you all for your strengh and courage.

I understand how it feels to be the care-giver. I'm the caregiver of a stage 2 anal cancer survivor and it's been very hard to be the caregiver even for an independent woman. I've had trouble finding information on reactions to the radiation and treatment. How did your sister handle her treatment? What type of treatment did she have? How has her body delt with it? My Mom has had many side affects from the radiation that she feels has really messed up her internal organs and some very important external organs as well. She's very depressed but won't join a support network to see what others might be able to share with her.

Thanks for any advice you could share. God Bless you and your family!


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