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Guess I'll let off a bit of anxiety here. Am due for yearly colonoscopy. Called the end of June and the gastrologist wanted to see me first...ok...had a slight rectal bleed so I thought good, should see him. Told negative for blood now and have to wait 2 more months to have colonoscopy! Anyone have to wait that long? (My gastro oncologist is out of state and saw him last month, thought I'd do colonoscopy locally)

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I have actually had to reschedule my yearly scope twice now....life has gotten in the way! My gastro finally said "Fine, call us when you want to have it done...we book about 3 weeks out normally".

BTW, if you are going someplace new...make SURE they know what treatments you have had. My original gastro referred me off after my radiation treatments...she felt that because rads can make the colon more fragile, well, I needed a 'better' hand...lol...she referred me to her hubby....rofl!

Hugs, Kathi

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In my experience that wait time is a bit long but not atypical.

When I first saw the GI doc prior to my CRC diagnosis, the earliest colonoscopy slot was 7 weeks after my GI appointment. I was freaked, but the doc was concerned and put me on the priority list for cancellations. I actually got called the next morning and had a colonoscopy two days later. This particular practice includes 15 docs ("Colons 'R Us"), but they were all booked. More typically their surgical centers are booked about 3 - 4 weeks out and that has been my typical wait time since.

It is good that you are negative for blood now - so probably ok to wait the 2 months. Hopefully if your doc had been concerned you would be on a priority wait list.

Good luck with the next test,

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