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CURE magazine - Awesome Lung Cancer cover story

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The new issue of CURE magazine has a focus on lung cancer. Why People Who Never Smoke Get Lung Cancer. Great article. Free magazine. www.curetoday.com

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Thanks for the link. I read this magazine for the first time last May at my oncologist visit and thought it was very good. And as a lung cancer survivor who never smoked, the article was certainly relevant. I'm still puzzled how I managed to get lung cancer without smoking. It wasn't radon (we checked) or second-hand smoke. It wasn't asbestos (wrong kind) and I'm not Asian. It may have been estrogen as I have estrogen positive breast cancer, but they didn't say anything on the path report about that. All they could say was that I live on the East coast. That was something the article failed to mention.I hope they are successful in their research and soon. We need a real cure, not just a magazine of that name!

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"...I live on the East coast." Is there research stating this locale is different, more poison?? Appreciate any feedback.

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