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PET scan

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My mom is having a PET scan today. Have you any words of wisdom on this subject? I've heard about possible false positives and false negatives... what are your experiences?

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Hey there.

Not too sure about the false results. I do know that sometimes things "light up" that aren't cancer. The radiologist knows whats what though.

Best of luck to you and mom.

I'm having mine done Wed. ( got pushed back a week)

Take care,


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My dad's pet scan came back pretty clean yet his CEA level is 979 and rising. I don't know what to think. I still want to be positive and say at least the scan look pretty good.

Good luck with yours.


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That is a concern to me. My next door neighbor had a similar experience. They did not find the 'hidden' cancer until they did surgery. Sadly, he passed away from his colon cancer. The team of docs for my mom shared stories on both sides. The questions that crop up day after day are so challenging to cope with. I wish you and yoru father the best.

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Yes, that happens. I had a CT/PET a few weeks ago. A left lung nodule appeared on the CT but not the PET, so it was biopsied and turned out to be malignant. I had a lung resection last Thursday to get rid of it (not too bad, though ... was home by Saturday night). I guess it's good to investigate all possibilities for mets, even if a PET scan is clean.


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