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another update

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Just recently diagnosed stage IV colon cancer, they thought originally ovarian, but there you have it. I've got my web page up, for those that are interested. Thanks for the gentle reminder to do that. Anyway, finished my first round of chemo and head off for round 2 tomorrow. So far the biggest side effect has been extreme tiredness and lack of appetite for the first 5 days. Since then everthing's gone back to normal, although I could have do without the appetite ;) Had my first post-surgery CT Scan with great results. No sign of the beast. I was a bit worried because other than the surgeons, no one paid much attention to my liver and I was worried that there was something hidden, as there was with the colon cancer. My CEA level is 6, I never had a before surgery number to compare it to but take this as a good sign. I know it's a long road ahead, but I plan on making it through and beating cancer's butt!

Even though I'm a newbie, I enjoy reading everyone's posts. I want to surround myself with survivors and fighters and I think that I found that here!

Thanks for the inspration, traci43

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Hi Traci,
Great website! I love the wedding picture and the story of your Grandma angel!! We need all the help we can get!!
Clear CT scan is great news! Good luck on your ongoing chemo program.
Rob; in Vancouver
"A Cancer Journal" www.rob-pollock.blogspot.com

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Hi Traci,

I love the wedding photo too. Thanks for sharing.

It's great you have such a supportive husband, and while I know you wouldn't want anyone you love to have had or ever get cancer, it's nice being with someone who knows what you're going through. My husband SpongeBob, also cancer survivor, was a huge support for me when I was in treatment. He sent me the funniest text messages while I was sitting in the chemo chair. I would giggle and tell everyone what he wrote, and often he had the whole infusion room laughing with me.

Sorry you are going through this, but know you are among friends.

Wishing you the best through your next round chemo.

Stay strong,

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So happy to hear so wonderful news,"clear scans"it sounds like music to me.Congratulations

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All sounds good! Stay positive....it's soooo healthy!

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