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Chemo delayed another week

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Still no chemo today. My platelets came up, but wbc and rbc down even more. I received an aranesp shot but too late for neulasta. Carbo dose is going to be reduced and both types of shots have been ordered for after chemo. Hopefully Friday the 27 will be the day.

A person gets themselves so ready to get chemo, ready for the continued battle; when it continues to get delayed it is such a let down. Funny to cry over no chemo, but it sure happens with me.

I started to wonder if my body was telling me enough, it can't do anymore. Had to pray a lot about it. God sent me this message - to rest in the prayers and strength of others and we'll get through this again. So after a good cry, I am prepared for battle again. Hopefully the cancer was hit as hard and isn't starting back already, but if it is, it better watch out as the next attack is coming soon. :-)

That's about it, just wanted to let you know what is going on. Love ya!

Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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I am so sorry!
I am reading a great book, a friend gave to me. Christ the Healer by F. F. Bosworth. It has blessed me, and it is so black and white, By his stripes we are healed!
Faith never waits to see before it believes because it cometh by hearing Rom. 10:17 about things not seen (v. 1) All that a man of faith needs is to know that God has spoken. This imparts perfect certainty to the soul. "Thus saith the Lord" settles everything. "It is written" is all that faith needs. That was an excerpt.
You are in my prayers Bonnie, keep up the good fight.
Love and hugs, Jan

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Isaiah 40.29 "He strengthen those who are weak and tired." I know you are disappointed, Bonnie but know that you have prayer warriors out here with you. I will pray that God surrounds you with a holy hedge of protection while you wait for the counts to come up and that he will give you peace. Saundra

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Too bad about all this Bonnie. You know that I am one of your prayer warriors. I will keep on praying for you and all the other brave women on this network. I might be starting my chemo on the 30th if this infection I have is cleared up by then. They don't want to do anything until they are sure of that. Hang in there. God is good! Take care, Polly

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I was so disappointed to read your post today, but so uplifted (AGAIN!) by your determination and spirit, and His message to you. How wonderful, all the scriptures that the ladies have given you, all of us, to give us hope, to give us strength, and help us to move forward. Dry your tears and know that we all are fighting with you - THERE'S STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!

Luv ya, Bonnie.
((((BIG HUGS))))

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Bonnie, I'm so disappointed for you too! I'm hoping with you that your CA-125 number is way down! Wasn't it down to 22at the last test? When do you get that checked again? You're so strong, you can do this!!!!Much love, MM

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Dear Bonnie,

I know how you feel about the chemo being delayed. Three weeks ago I was delayed for the third time and ready to be kicked off the study I am on. Fortunately my doc was able to talk the drug company into keeping me on the study. My platelets went down to 17 and by rbc was so low I had to have a two bags of blood. this was my third transfusion due to low rbc. I am on carboplatin and topopecan and the carbo raises havic with my wbc and rbc. They have reduced the amount of carbo I receive. I get a neupogen shot every day and arnesp every three weeks. the nuepogen shots really keep my wbc up but I still have trouble with the rbc even with arnesp. Hang in there with the low counts. Even though you are delayed on the chemo it is still fighting the beast. Prayers and hugs going out to you.


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Bonnie, I just wanted to let you know that I think of you often and you are always in my prayers.


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Thanks everyone, you are all truly amazing!

Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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I'm sending love,hugs and prayers your way. i know sometimes I think to myself,I just can't do it anymore..I was really scared when my heart became involved in this mess...I had myself a good cry, and like you picked myself up,dusted myself off, and am ready to do battle again. Hopefully lowering the dose and giving thoses booster shots will be just what you need right now....(((hugz))))..Joanne

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