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Hi All!
Strangely, my dad has non stop, chronic hiccups since he started chemo! Has anyone experienced hiccups as a side effect from chemo? Other than that, my dad has been reacting very well to the chemo drugs. Hopefully it stays like that for the rest of the 11 rounds to go.

Thanks All!

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And they are hard to get rid of once they start.
Drives me crazy. I hope that means chemo is working :)

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HI Mont.

No..I didn't have hiccups but everytime I get my IV, for about 4 days after, I have a runny nose and sneeze!

Don't know if this will help your Dad but it helps me get rid of hiccup...Drink 10 sips of water without breathing. Just take little sips at a time but leave glass to your mouth. Works every time for me.

They are really annoying and if he keeps it up, I'd suggest calling the doctor

good luck to your Dad!

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Hi there,
Actually yes, my husband had bad hiccups with FOLFOX. We spoke to his doctor after the first 2 rounds because it was a pain. He prescribed Baclofen (which I think is actually and MS drug if I remember correctly) but it actually worked and got rid of the hiccups. He would take half a tablet 3x a day the day after chemo for about 3-4 days.
Hope this helps!
Heather and Carl

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He might try a teaspoon of sugar. The swallowing to get it down sometimes stops hiccups.
Hope he finds a solution.
Jo Ann

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Yes, I had the hiccups with my FOLFOX treatments. Most of the usual tricks to get rid of them didn't work. I finally found out if I did the drink 10 sips twice in a row they would go away for a while. I just kept trying all the different stuff people suggested until I finally found something that worked for me. Hopefully your dad will too.

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This is his first round of chemo with Folfox, besides the hiccups, he's feeling great. Somehow last night, he drank a very big glass of warm-hot water and it stopped. Wonder if it will keep getting worse.

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