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Thanks for all your thoughts about what I might want to do about working.
The bottom line is my husband and I should be able to manage this alright. My income was for more of the fun stuff. We'll just have to tighten our belts.
I'll apply for short term disability and see where that gets me. Then I can make another decision.
I have always gotten satisfaction from working, but lately it just hasn't been the same. I need time to putter in my gardens, sit with my dog, Lucky by my side, do some yoga, create healthy menus, be rested when Mike comes home from work.
Yup, that's it. I be telling my(temporary)boss when I get back to work on Thursday.
5 radiation treatments to the brain down...9 to go!
Thanks again!


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    Mary - I am sorry I didn't respond to your previous post, but I think you are doing the right thing. I retired in January and even though I liked my job, I have never looked back. I do miss the social stuff, but I have managed to keep in touch with close friends / have occasional lunches with them and it has all worked out.

    Not working is an adjustment, but hopefully the garden and the dog will keep you going. Those were my salvation!

    Take care,
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    Hey Mary, It is good that you are putting you first over work. I am also struggling with the same decision. This is my fourth time on chemo and frankly, i make it through with work but have no energy left for my family. This time, I am going out on disability and will focus on my diet, exercise, and my family. It was one of the hardest things giving up being the "boss" I still can hardly talk about it. but.... It is time to focus on needs not wants.
    I hope you adjust well to your time off and come up with some great new meals. Afriend of mind from Canada just visited and left me with some great reciepies. Best of luck
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    I think you are making the right decision. When you are feeling better, you can always find a new job.

    You will now be able to focus all your energy on getting well.