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Xeloda and balance

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Good Morning all. My mom is now on her 2nd round of Xeloda and seems to be doing well. She does have some loss of balance at times. I've heard the Xeloda can cause this. Has anyone else had balance problems while take Xeloda?

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Although I cannot comment on Xeloda or balance, I was wondering how your mom's eating habits are going? You posted saying TPN was working (07/06/07) then later said the doctors won't even consider it (07/09/07). So I was hoping that got resolved so she may keep up her strength in order to have her body work well with the chemo.


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Stacy, thanks for asking. Her eating is improving. Since we couldn't do the TPN a second time she decided to try drinking lots of Boost and is slowly trying to add things to her diet. She thinks the chemo is helping whatever was causing the obstruction. She said she feels better and hasn't had any nausea for 2 days.

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I know when my dad was going through chemo he had alot of balance problems. He fell a few times. You might want to check with the dr. Mindy

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I've taken Xeloda now for about 18 weeks total treatment (pre and post surgery).

The issues have been around lack of apetite and nausea. I did have the balance issue on and off and actually found that my peripheral vision would sometime be obscured as the effects built. Personally I chalked it up to lack of sleep - which is also caused by the Xeloda.

I'm fairly young :) and otherwise healthy. Tell your Mom to keep eating. Even if it is diet supplements.

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