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Any idea on the stage of cancer?

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Hi All,
I know I shouldn't guess but wait for the MRI results, but does anyone could give me an idea so I know what to expect for...
My dad has sigmoid cancer and had surgery done in May. He had an infection after the surgery so it slowed down the procedure. However, he is finally starting chemo Folfox 6 tomorrow for 12 rounds (half a year). The question: Docs still don't know if my dad is in stage 3 or 4 because they do not know if it has mets to liver. During surgery, they couldn't find anything in his liver but CT Scan shows some lesions or possible mets. They have ordered a MRI for him (but we are still waiting...) My dad has only 1 positive lymph node involved, so does that mean he is more likely to be stage 3a?

Worried daughter,
Thank You So Much,
Wish all the best to all the survivors in the forum.


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Hi Montrealer,
Of course we can't guess, either, and you already know it's best to wait for the doctor's answer. I can just tell you what I had.

Mine was Stage III colon. I had 2 lymph nodes positive out of 28
And your Dad ony one..that's good.

I also am having 6 months of chemo..Oxipliplatin _ 5 FU.

I did not have anything in my liver, though.
Know it's hard to wait but that is the best

Let us know what the results are

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Mine was never clear, either...3 'suspicious' nodes on liver...my sister too (she's SUCH a copycat...lol!). During surgery, couldn't tell...

My sis had a PET scan...no liver activity. I STILL have the 3 'whatevers' on my liver...show up on each CT....2.5 years later...

A word on stages....this made my sis feel better...hope you, too...

The point of staging is to give the treatment team a better idea of the protocol to use to fight the beast. That's it. I was stage III (one lymph node plus a 5cm tumor put me there), but still, statistically speaking, I was given 6 months to live and a 37% chance of surviving to 5 years after. Well, I'm at 2.5 years, and, unless I missed something, I am STILL here! Actually, just got told the OTHER "C" word..."cure"!

The higher the stage, well, the treatment team (which, by the way, INCLUDES your dad!) needs to work harder. That's all you need to be concerned with...

Hugs, Kathi

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The pathlogoy report should indicate what stage the tumor is, type of cancer and how many lymph nodes, but you can also check the American Cancer Society website for exact staging information.

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