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What is your diet/nutrition?

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What do you eat regularly, what kind of diet or nutrition do you pay attention to? Besides diet, I have heard that combining acupuncture to chemo really helps...

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During chemo?

Anything that tasted good and stayed down...lol!

Ginger helped (both candied and ginger ale), scalloped potatoes, and my sis shared that refried beans helped, too....

After chemo? Fresh fruits and vegies, darker in color the better. The 'white' meats...I maybe eat beef 2 times a month or so...Limited dairy...NCI has a pamphlet on their site..."What to eat during chemotherapy treatment"...lactose intollerance seems to occur during chemo and radiation to the digestive system, to paraphrase. Sometimes it is temporary. Sometimes it is for life. Looks like I'm a 'lifer'...lol!

Hugs, kathi

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Oh, and during chemo? WATER, water, water...

I drank 4 quarts the day before, day of, day after chemo...cuts back on the lasting side effects...clears it from the other organs (bladder, etc) and keeps your equalibrium up. I used the bathroom often, as they were also hydrating thru infusion...but, well, other than one time when I thought I'd wet myself, and struggled to get to the bathroom, and fell on my face out of the recliner...well, things went well!

Hugs, Kathi

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I did acupuncture during chemo (FOLFOX) and it really helped with nausea and fatigue. I went once every two weeks the first 5 months of chemo and the last month of chemo I went every week.

I also think it's important to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I am a vegetarian (even before diagnosis) and I ate a lot of lentil soup during chemo.
Good luck on your journey.
Best wishes,

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Big fan of juicing here. It is a great way to get in your greens and enzymes at the same time. I try to focus on a greener leafier diet than i used to. Also if you want to reduce dairy, there is a great way to make milk from almonds. My kids dont even know the difference
soak one cup of almonds overnight in water
used soaking water to water plants the next day.
put the soaked almonds with 3 cups of filtered water into a blender and puree. run through a nut bag (a bag used for squeezing the juice out of prueed stuff) and you have almond milk. try it. also the remains of the amlonds are great on your favorite cereal with a few blueberries. God i feel like Martha.
happy eating.

BTW- accupuncture and ginger root helped with the nausea. also pills - ammend worked the best for me.

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Ah, my favorite subject! My diet is based on getting as many live enzymes into my system and still enjoy the act of eating. I juice daily fresh organic raw veggies which to that I add flax seeds (excellent anti-cancer properties), protein powder, and green powder (there are many on the market--check your local coop or natural foods store). In the beginning I also added fractionated fruit pectin which is supposed to act like the antidote to invisible ink to cancer cells....meaning.....your body allowed cancer cells to grow b/c it didn't recognize them as cancerous and the fruit pectin makes them visible. Well, I don't think I am explaining it as well as my Naturopathic Doctor did.....sorry.

I also focused on following a vegan macrobiotic diet (The Cancer Prevention Diet by Muchio Kushi). Eating simple foods "close to center" which helped my pH to stay more alkaline. (cancer likes an acid pH) These were steamed organic veggies and brown rice, colorful root veggies and seaweed meals like brown rice sushi. (yum!)

I never did any chemo for my Stage 3 lymph positive colon cancer and have remained cancer free for SIX YEARS!! *(Yes, I am shouting that from the rooftops whenever possible!!)*

I did acupuncture every week as part of my cancer healing protocol of Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can read more on my webpage here.

For 6 months I did not have anything that would not be considered healing foods -- no junk -- and juiced 3 quarts of carrot juice per day.

The reason for all the juice is LIVE ENZYMES. They are healing and restoring and can rejuvenate your tissues that are diseased. CSN's nutrition site on here gives the wrong idea about WHY someone juices and they miss the point. Sadly so. It's about getting an OPTIMAL amount of easily assimilated nutrients quickly into one's system which is especially important when one's health and immune system are compromised. It's not about getting the fiber (that comes from other foods) it's all about the ENZYMES!

My friend in my homeschooling group cured her son's "terminal" cancer through juicing and mega supplements. She wrote a book about it called "Your Child Doesn't Have to Die" .

Mayo sent him home and she diligently gave him fresh organic veggie juice all day through his NG tube (he was something like 2 years old).

My oncologist at the Mayo Clinic also supports my juicing habit. And I quote, "There is no scientific evidence that says juicing works; but I say, juicing works!"

Check out Max Gerson--he's the grandpoohbah of juicing.

hope this helps.

peace, emily the juice chick

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