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Living With Cancer: A Series

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For any who are interested in the "soulful" side of this cancer journey...
Back in April 2003 I attended a weekend workshop with a Sufi teacher, Kabir Helminski. In one session Kabir shared a short outline of "5 Spiritual Principles to Live By."
1. Commit to Your Highest Possibility
2. Awaken Attentiveness and Appreciation
3. Cultivate a Spirit of Gratitude
4. Find the "Still Point"
5. Radiate Blessing
Since being diagnosed, I have noticed how many cancer survivors have undergone personal changes in line with these principles. The result is lives lived with a renewed sense of purpose and a richer appreciation of what is important. Many survivors speak of a deeper authenticity and honesty in their relationships and of a gentler pace of life, with more time spent "smelling the roses".
This week in "A Cancer Journal" I'll be reflecting on these principles, one per day, from the perspective of one "Living With Cancer". Check it out at http://rob-pollock.blogspot.com/
Today's post: "Commit to Your Highest Possibility"
TTFN... Rob; in Vancouver.

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Thank you for sharing this with us.
Jo Ann

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