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Newly diagnosed - Hopkins

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I am newly diagnosed, age 68, excellent health, with a PSA of 4.67, Gleason of 6 with ~5% involved (1 of 12 samples showed cancer in biopsy). I am contemplating robotic RP at Johns Hopkins. Any one have any input regarding Doctors there. It's top on my list 1- have a friend who went there and 2 - it's reputation and 3 - it's relatively close - 5 hrs. I would appreciate any input.

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Welcome to the group that no-one wants to belong to!!

So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. However, from the numbers, it appears that you caught the cancer in it's early stages.

Although I can't give you any input about Johns Hopkins, or the robotic method, I can tell you that there is life after prostate cancer. I am a 6 1/2 yr survivor of conventional RP and remain cancer free. The one thing I cannot over-emphasize is you must maintain a Positive attitude. From all I have heard the robotic method is the "Cadillac" of surgical procedures.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you might be reluctant to post on the discussion board.

Keep us posted on your progress.


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I had psa of 24 with Gleason of 9 and 12 of 12 samples positive with cancer. I took one shot of Lupron and 40 rad treatments. My dad had a case similar to yours when he was about your age. He had some radiation and nothing else. He lived to be 90 and died from Alzhimers. With the low grade cancer you have at your age maybe you should consider a less extreme procedure as it is very very unlikely that this prostate cancer is going to end your life, and you should consider the effects of any treatment before jumping into something you may regret later. Just remember to get several opinions. Best Wishes.

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Curly, Johns Hopkins is the #1 hospital in the world for Prostate Cancer. Two friends of mine went their for thier Robotic surgery and both surgeries were successful. My one buddy used Dr. Christian Paulovich. His website is:
My buddy did his research and swears he is the best. Check him out and keep us posted on your progress.


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I have a meeting with Dr. Jarow on the 13th. He performed DaVinci on a friend of mine. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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