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Better Days (A song I wrote for my wife)

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I wrote a song for my wife last year while she was recovering from a cancer surgery. Now that she is in remission, I would like to share this song with you. Listen to the song by going to: www.soundclick.com/timjuillet and choosing "Music". Then choose the song, "Better days". Lyrics are below.

Better Days
(Lyric & Music by: Tim Juillet)

Verse 1
Tough times
listen to my wife's cry
see the proof of pain in her eyes
life right now is sooo real
and now I must be strong again!

Verse 2
It's been 8 years
since we've been here
sickness has again changed our lives
I love her..
Children need a mother
Jesus please help her recover!

She's lived with hope
where now there is fear
God I thank you that she's here.
She's lived with joy
where now there is pain
Jesus bring her through to better days!

Verse 3
I'm thankful
for love we've shared
droughts and floods to come
the good times
for on higher ground
where she can live again!

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Thanks for sharing. Just found out about my hubby...sincerely hope her remission lasts a long, long time and your family will have better days again!

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