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Hi everyone: Yesterday I went to have the simulation done to prepare for the radiation to the skull. It just aggravates me that it takes so long to get things started. By that time the cancer can spread even more. I felt the bump on April13th as it was Friday the 13th back then. And ironically I had the set up done for the radiation on a FRiday the 13th. I go back next Friday to have a trial simulation then I guess they will start the radiation. I still do not know about the lesions on the spine from L2-L4.
The MRI report indeeed states it is. As the radioligist compared it to previous MRI films.
The bone scan I had was a waste of time. IT did light up in both areas of the ribs and also on the left arm between the elbow and the shoulder. Great more stuff to worry about. Now I had to have an X-ray done yesterday of the ribs and the left arm. I have not even begun chemo as I have to have this radiation first. I am scared to death every morning I wake up. I feel it is a nightmare for all of us. I can only cope and hope because of all of you on this network.
Now I feel that the tumor is rapidly growing in the skull as I cannot lay down on that side and also it is starting to hurt behind the ear. This mucinous adenocarcinoma grows rapidly. I will keep you posted your friend Fran from Long Island.

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Hang in there keep the positive thoughts flowing! When I was a kid I used to sneek into a bar in Long Island using my sisters birth certificate. Brings back lots of memories for me. My thoughts are with you.

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Your situation truly SUCKS! I can't even imagine how fearful you must be. It must be difficult to stay positive, but maybe a few positive thoughts can sneak in to help. The "take one day at a time" thing helps, but that is difficult, also. Just try your best and be hopeful that the treatments will be successful. If there is one thing that I have learned, it is that every case and outcome is so different. Keep hopeful. You will be in my prayers and thoughts.

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Oh, Fran....such a battle you have!!! My experience, of course, pales in comparison, but I remember when they said "I'm sorry, you have cancer" the second time...just after I thought I had escaped!

Know that we are here, know that we are behind you...I am send warm, healing, beautiful vibes to you...I see them as rainbows, as my old friend Kangatoo used to tell ME...

Laugh. Cry. Throw things (I used pillows, but a girlfriend bought a bunch of cheap glass and threw it against her backyard wall) when it gets too real...
This beast IS a terrorist....go away, beast, go away!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Fran,

I am so sorry you are going through this. I have no practical advice, but I am sending positive energy, hugs and love. Keep fighting.


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I am so sorry for what you are going through. I wish I could wave my magic wand and make it all go away. I cannot come up with any words of wisdom, but please know that I am praying for you and sending healing thoughts your way.


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I would be frustrated with the time it's taking to get things moving also. I'm wondering what takes so long at one facility and goes so quickly at another facility. They found my tumors this past tues and I've had 3 treatments already. Mine are in the brain matter, not the skull-maybe that makes a difference-Idon't know. Might be worth asking, if you haven't yet.

I know how hard this is, but TRY to think of one positive thing that you can. Your family's love (though I sometimes find that a bitter sweet thought when I'm really feeling down), the sound of the birds in the AM, a little dose of sunshine (hard to come by these days for me).

If you have to cry, rant, rave, because you just need to sometimes, do it, but always try to come back to the something positive. Make a list of them if you can to pull out and look at. DO it for YOU!
I love kangatoo's image of rainbows of warm wishes coming your way, so i'm sending them to you too.

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Hi Fran,I was even scared of opening your post yesterday,because I knew that was not good,but I did today,and really you don't know how sorry I am, you have been through so much,this is another test for your strengh to continue on your side, I wish I could do something for you,only I will be praying for you, if you have faith you know that nothing is imposible for God, but you need to ask him. Lots of hugs to you Fran

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