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My moms in so much pain

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I was over with my mom today and she seemed fine, BUT when she thought I left...I heard her cry out and say "oh God take this pain away help me" well i hid in the kitchen and cried.... what is this pain like that she gets? she tries to make it look like she is ok when I am there, they did not do colon surgery on her and her liver is enlarged (stage 4 cc) she is going on Oxaliplatin(eloxatin)in a weeks time, what can i do to help her, I am there all the time for her but its hard to see her in this pain..she takes pain medication but well she still feels discomfort and dont want to be sleeping or lieing around.

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Is your mom getting any other treatment other than pain meds? Her pain could be from a blockage or obstruction or fluids. It's important that the docs know about it. Is she vomiting? If it gets to the point where she can't keep anything down and/or nothing is coming out (bm's), take her to the ER. I'm sure that she's trying to spare you from her pain, but I think it's easier when you know what's going on so that you can begin to deal with it. I empathize with you. My sister is going through the same thing and she needed to go into the hospital and stay there for a few weeks.
Good luck and God bless.

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At one point, my pain was so bad I only left my bed to go to the bathroom. Which also was an experience! (My tumor was pressing on my tailbone...).

Ask her onc about something else for the pain. MY drug of choice is dilaudid...but I don't know if that is anything other than in IV...worth a question or two.

OK, now for a 'home remedy' that worked for me. Please don't laugh. Ok, you can if you want...lol

I would sit in a VERY warm bath. There were some days that I would do this 5 or 6 times...REALLY helped.

Hugs, Kathi

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I certainly agree with the first reply. I am 63 with Stage IV, lots of mets in liver and still on chemo after a year. I have never had pain from the actual cancer thing...now, arthritis! that's the pain for me. Something else may be wrong.

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Your mother's doctor needs to know about this. If the pain is intestinal, I really think you should ask serious questions about doing colon surgery. A tumor blocking or partially blocking the colon can cause serious pain. In addition a total blockage becomes an emergency situation. And, it would be much better for your mother to have surgery on a planned basis rather than on a middle of the night, emergency basis.

Just a thought. I hope your mother gets some relief.


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Wow, Betsy! You are right!!!

Obstructions feel like the last stages of childbirth...it comes on so bad, it takes your breath away...I forgot...it's been over a year since my last REALLY bad one...I think that was #3...(amazing how we 'silver box' some stuff in our lives, isn't it???)

Hugs, Kathi

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there are pain solutions..keep fighting with docs until they refer your mom to a pain clinic or Dr who can help her. she should not have to be in pain - regardless of the source and type. Nanuk

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