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TURP After Bladder Cancer

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I was diagnosed with bladder cancer (non-invasive) over 3 years ago. After removal of the tumors I elected to monitoring via regular cystoscopies in lieu of BCG treatment. I just had my 6-month check and am now on a yearly test schedule. My urologist is recommending I undergo TURP to relieve BHP. I am concerned about cancer spreading outside the bladder as a result of the TURP procedure. Does anyone have any experience with this issue. What are the risks of the cancer spreading. Thanks in advance.

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I would say that if you trust your doctor and he seems to be explaining things clearly,I would do the surgery to relieve your enlarged prostate if that is a problem. I think that all older men have somewhat enlarged prostates, it comes with the territory, and most don't have surgery. Since BHP is by defination non-cancer I wouldn't worry about cancer spreading. I have had BCG treatments and am on a three-month schedule for cystoscopy exam and would love to be on 6 months or a year. I think you are doing just great. I am in a couple in-person cancer support groups and sometimes people are more nervous when the doctor says "no treatment needed" than if there is treatment - like maybe something is being forgotten. I would say for you to enjoy life and worry only when you have to. (FYI I am a 68 year man and had two types of bladder cancer - the first gone more than 3 years after surgery and the second gone, I hope, for 8 months after BCG treatment--I will find out later this month)

Take care.

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Hi Sheridan - I'm in the process of being treated for Bladder Cancer & am a 68 year old man also. Had a Bladder Tumor S/P Cystoscopy, Trarsurethral Resection & am scheduled for another one on 10/8. The Urologist called today from the City of Hope Cancer Clinic & suggested that the cancer went into the muscle & if so, that I should have my bladder removed. I'm hoping to learn more from someone who had a resconstructed bladder. Need some guidance here....hope to hear from someone soon.

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Ashton'i had bladder cancer in march 06 i found out then april 17th 06 had my bladder'prostate'and some liff nods taken out. the dr. took out 10 inches of my intestine to make a newobladder. to took me 2.5 months for me to fell normal. it was a long hard and painfull time. im doing good now so theres life after treatment.

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First go round with BCG treatment-54 yr old woman. So far so good but am curious to find out if the side affects (nausea, body aches, etc.) go away or if they continue with each treatment. (I am hoping it is a touch of the flu) Diagnosed and had surgery on Halloween of 2007-reoccurance a few months later- TUR again and have just had first treatment of BCG. Thanks so much- Jaa

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I've had about 9 treatments over the past 4 years. Each time my side effects are different. I've had severe flu symptoms within 12 hours, to feeling fine hours after the treatment. Have no idea why the differences. Doctor doesn't seem to have an explanation either. No changes in medications, possibly my resistance during the treatment.

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none that i know of. I have had ongoing test for 27 years and about 70 or so cystoscopes

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