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Got PET scan results today, good news

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Well, we got the results today of my husbands PET scan. Good news,only one site lit up and that was the 3.6 cm x 1.4 cm area in the mesentary. It rated a 3.7 (what ever that means) I know the onc explained but I was just so relieved to hear the news. He made an appt. with my husbands surgeon for next week cuz he wants it out ASAP. So do we!!! He said if it is indeed cancer my husband will have to do more chemo but according to my husband that will be a piece a cake. Thanks all for being here once again as we faced another bump in the road, I really don't know what I'd do without all of you. Family and friends haven't been real supportive through all this (they were at first) but as the months went by they all just sorta disappeared. Funny how the word cancer scares people. Anyways as we prepare for another surgery and maybe chemo I know you will all be out there cheering us on to keep the faith!



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FIRST: CONGRATS!!!!! on the good news with the PET Scan and then

SECOND: Since Kathi was not here, I'll say it, it's time for the NAKED HAPPY DANCE!!!!!

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Yup, I agree....."Dance like you are dancing naked!!!"


Hugs, kathi

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Such a relief! I know that feeling.
Thank you God!
Jo Ann

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Thanks for letting us know Sandy. Your husbands situation sounds a lot more managebale now.
I appreciate what you've said about some family and friends drifting off over the long haul. I've found the same with some friends and colleagues. I find I have to do most of the initiating. Folks will say they wanted to give me space and not bother me, which is probably true. I do find that they are usually happy to hear from me though.
Good luck with the next round of tests and new agenda.

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Great news, Sandy. I am sorry that your husband faces more surgery and, perhaps, chemo, but am happy that a plan is in place. Always BELIEVE and keep the faith.



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Rally good news! You will overcome this, through surgery and chemo, with or without relatives and friends. Bless you.

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Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. It's always so encouraging to get some good news. Keep the faith. God Bless and keep us posted!


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