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Kandy's update

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Hi to all you semicolons,

I went to Moffitt on Monday afternoon and had a VATS wedge resection on my right lung. All went very well. They removed the drain tube Tuesday morning and I was ready to go home. Boy if you need lung surgery, that's the way to have it. They released me Tues. afternoon and I'm feeling surprizingly well, very little pain. They removed a piece about the size of a small lime and think it is colon cancer mets, but won't know for sure until the Pathology report is done. I also have another spot on the left lung that will have to come out in a couple months. They will watch it with scans. I should be feeling normal in 2-3 weeks.
I hope this will be all they find for awhile.

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Wow, 24 hours after lung surgery and you're home. Thats great. So glad that you are feeling well. Take care of yourself and rest and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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One of the good things (?) about a met is that the cancer is programmed to the primary site...it's blood supplies, lymph nodes, etc...it gets confused anywhere else!

Confuse the HECK out of it, dearheart!!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Wow! Your successful surgery and home so quickly is truly amazing. Thank you for sharing.
Jo Ann

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Hi Kandy,

Thanks for your update and your amazing report on your successful surgery. Heal well.



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Glad you are doing well after resection and have little pain. Keep doing good..I will keep you in my thoughts. Audrey

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